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Most users must complete the three Login fields to log in successfully using the URL and login information provided by their WebTMA System Administrator. This applies to all users who log in, including those with restricted login permission such as contractors.

If users forget their password, they can click the I forgot my password link. When they click the Submit button on the Forgotten Password window, WebTMA sends a new password to their e-mail address (see Caution below). If the user has no e-mail address, the message is sent to the Default Password Email address found in Admin > Client Info / Password Tab described on page 17. The link applies to Admin, User, and Technician logins. Contractor and Requestor logins receive a message, "Feature not available for this login."

One exception to login requirements is the option for users and requestors who can log in without ID described in the next topic.

If you are an administrator who makes changes related to application setup and user access, your login and password give you access to the Admin menu. The windows available from this menu are used to control general information about your organization and how it uses WebTMA as well as Client Info, User Management, and other administrative tools.

Caution: If you plan to use the Forgotten Password feature, be sure you have an address entered in the E-mail field found on the Admin > Client Info / Identity Tab. WebTMA uses this address as the From address when the forgotten password is sent. If the field is not populated, WebTMA cannot send an e-mail message.

Login without ID and Password

Path: Admin > User Management > Records

You can make selected Users, Requestors, and/or Technicians eligible to log in without using an ID and Password. This is done by generating a URL for selected persons.

  1. Go to Admin > Client Info > Preferences.
  2. Mark the Allow URL Login Access check box.
  3. Go to the User
  4. Mark URL Login check box.
  5. Click the Login URL link on the Action Menu.
  6. Click the Copy to Clipboard *
  7. Paste the URL in an e-mail and send to the User, Requestor, or Technician.

* Alternatively, you can click the E-mail Link button, and type the person’s e‑mail address in the Send E-mail popup.

When the person clicks the URL, WebTMA bypasses the login window and immediately opens the application. Users can bookmark this URL for repeated use.

Remind those who log in without ID or Password to lock their computer whenever they leave their desk because anyone who has access to the URL can launch the application.

This URL is different from the Simple Request URL described in Help > Help Page > Requests because the simple process works outside the application and was designed for non-WebTMA users.

 Avoid Login without Password if you use LDAP. The two methods are incompatible. LDAP is more secure and offers other features.

Save Requestors URL to Database

The Direct Login URL window that opens when you click the Login URL on the Requestors window Action Menu also shows a Save button. This feature applies only to Requestors.

Click the button to save the generated URL to the database. You can review the saved URLs if you or your IT department writes a script or a report.

Limited Login for Requestors

Requestor licenses give a user access to the Work Request windows. These are the same as Request Log and Request Log B windows in the full application. Users with a requestor login are allowed to submit requests from these windows. Personnel with Requestor logins do not have access to the full WebTMA application.

The Requestor topics starting on page 60 describe the login variations and preferences. The Requestor Nav section on the Navigator bar displays the windows available for requestor use. The entries display as WO Request A, WO Request B, Event Request, and Reservation Request. Enabled links indicate the window for which the user has access.

When the requestor clicks the link to any of these windows, the window opens in Add mode. The requestor enters details about his or her request and clicks the Save button on the WebTMA window.

WebTMA System Administrators can give the requestor access to Events and/or Reservation Requests windows if these separate purchase modules are available. If the requestor is given access, the windows open in Add mode to accept limited information from the requestor.

The Request Log window is fully described in the separate Requests document available from Help > Help Page.

Limited Login for Technicians and Contractors

If your organization chooses, you can purchase licenses for Technicians as well as Contractors.

A Technician login grants access to some of the Work Order windows including the Results Tab. If the Work Order window includes hyperlinks, the technician can view some of these records; however, the technician login limits available actions. The technician is only allowed to view, without modifying, some of the information related to his or her assigned work.

If appropriate, you can also grant the technician access to the Request for Quote (RFQ) window. Using a technician login, technicians that have rights to create an RFQ can only review their own requests.

The Contractor login allows contractors to post their charges. They have no other permissions within the software.

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