Counters Tab - WebTMA 5

Path: Admin > Client Info / Counters Tab

The Counters Tab allows you to determine if some records utilize an automatic counter to number new records and/or to determine the starting number of records.

The first lines displayed on the Tab include a check box. The check box indicates that automatically numbering these lines is optional. The lines on the lower part of the Tab do not include a check box and are automatically numbered by WebTMA in sequence; however, you have the option to set the starting number.

If you do not mark optional check boxes, WebTMA requires that users enter a unique identifying number each time a new record is created and saved. When you check the Purchase Order and Purchase Requisition check boxes, you can also establish both a prefix as well as the starting number for the counter.

The records without a check box are numbered sequentially by WebTMA; however, you can include the starting number on the Counters Tab and a prefix for the Estimate Counter. The window labels on these number fields change depending on the record. For example, the number on the Fuel & Oil window is labeled Ticket #, and the number on the Estimate window is labeled Estimate #.

The Counters Tab also shows the number of the Last OH Adjustment.

How to Set Automatic Counters

Path: Admin > Client Info / Counters Tab

Your WebTMA System Administrator establishes counters at the same time other setup information is added. Alternatively, this can be done later.

  1. Navigate to the window.
  2. Click Edit on the WebTMA toolbar.
  3. Click the check boxes for any of the items you want automatically numbered.
  4. Type the custom prefix where available.
  5. Type the starting number for desired items.
  6. Click Save on the WebTMA toolbar.
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