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Path: Transactions > Work Order > Requested Part Browse

Use the Requested Part Browse window to look for parts requested using the Request Parts link on the Work Order window Action Menu. The list includes both stocked and one-time purchase parts.

The Requested Part Query popup window is similar to other Browse window queries. No filtering information is needed if you want to see parts requested for all work orders. Use the Date and other filtering fields to reduce the size of the list, and click the List Required Parts button to view the list.

Requested Part Browse List

Path: Transactions > Work Order > Requested Part Browse

The list of requested parts shows the associated work order number and information about the requested part.

  • The Required Qty column indicates the number of parts requested
  • The Balance column shows the number of requested parts still outstanding.
  • The Qty Available column shows the total quantity of the part in all warehouses.

Similar to other Browse modules, the buttons at the bottom of the window are used to convert lines, cancel a request, manipulate the visible lines, export some or all lines to an Excel spreadsheet, and review associated records.

The Export button has two options: Export All Pages and Export Selected. If you mark the check boxes of desired lines and choose Export Selected, the spreadsheet can essentially become a pick list for use in the warehouse to pull stock from the shelves.

If you see that the quantity available is less than the number you require, an authorized user can click the Convert button to order more parts. If the same part is selected several times from the list before you convert, WebTMA adds the total to one line item on the PR or PO and assigns multiple distribution lines.

When you click the Convert WO Part/Charge button and assign the part to the work order, WebTMA creates an On-hand Adjustment record to indicate that the part was issued for the work order.

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