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Path: Transactions > Work Order > WO Browse

You can review work orders, both open and closed, from the WO Browse window. This is a more comprehensive search than using the Browse Tab.

The Work Order Query window is used to filter the types of work orders you want to review. In addition, you can save and reuse a query. This saves you time generating the queries you utilize frequently.

When the list is generated, you can also:

  • Remove lines from the list (not from the database)
  • Zoom to view details of a selected work order
  • Schedule line items
  • Close a work order
  • Export all lines to an Excel spreadsheet

Some of the criteria selected for WO Browse also display on the Work Order Browse Listing report and a few other reports (see Note below). Not all potential criteria display; however, you can see any of the following if they are specified in the Work Order Query window. They are listed at the top of the report.

  • Item Type
  • Period: Beginning Date and End Date
  • Technician
  • Project
  • Work Order Types
  • Open Work Orders & Closed Work Orders
  • Task Type
  • Department
  • Shop
  • Trade
  • Repair Center

NOTE:  In addition to the Work Order Browse Listing report, the Work Order Browse Listing with Totals, Work Order Browse Listing Exportable, and any Report Writer generated reports linked to the WO Browse window also display the eligible selected criteria.

Work Order Browse Selection

Path: Transactions > Work Order > WO Browse

Follow the menu path to open the Work Order Query window to select the criteria for filtering work orders for review. Create a query using any combination of the options shown on the window, and save frequently-used queries. Add or delete visible columns in the browse list using the Configuration button.

Sample queries include:

  • all open and closed orders for a given time period with a Request Date that falls within the specified date range
  • all work orders assigned to a particular technician with a Request Date that falls within the specified date range
  • open orders for a single repair center for one day with a Request Date that falls within the specified date range
  • only closed work orders with a Completion Date that falls within the specified date range

Work Order Browse Selection Options

Path: Transactions > Work Order > WO Browse

Use options in each section of the Selection window to expand or restrict your search using any of the parameters such as specific item, date or date range, technician, open and/or closed work orders, and priority.

Use the buttons at the bottom of the window to generate a list of work orders, or you can clear your selections and make new ones.

If you select Open and Closed Work Orders, the system searches by Request Date. If only for Closed Work Orders, the search is by Completion Date.

Work Order Browse Results

Path: Transactions > Work Order > WO Browse List

The search results that display here show specific work orders based on your Work Order Query selections.

Depending on your data, this list can display a number of different items of information. These include any additional columns you added using the Configuration button.

A crossed-tools icon in the first column indicates when a line is a multi-task work order. The column of colored balls show priority levels at-a-glance if you assign colors to priorities in Lookups > Priorities. An icon in the next column indicates that a Customer Survey was sent. Click the Action Menu Legend link for definitions of the icons.

A green check mark green_check_mark.png in the next column only appears if your organization uses the General Inspection module. It indicates that the work order requires a General Inspection. Click the icon to see the General Inspection Sheet in read-only mode.

Use the horizontal scroll bar at the bottom of the list window to scroll across and view all the columns.

The Save and Reset buttons are used to save or restore the layout changes and column selections. If you have resized, reordered, and otherwise made changes to the WO Browse window, click the Save button at the lower left to retain the layout before you exit the window. Click the Reset button to return the window to the default layout.

WO Browse List Options

Path: Transactions > Work Order > WO Browse List

A large WO Browse list can be reorganized for easy review of the content by using the sort features. In addition to sorting the columns, you can:

  • remove items shown on the list (not from the database but from the list)
  • zoom to a work order and review the full record
  • schedule selected work orders
  • apply a different task due date in batch
  • close work orders in batch
  • export the lines to an Excel spreadsheet
  • print a selected work order

NOTE:  Line items marked with the crossed tools icon tool_icon.png indicate a multi-task work order. If you assign colors to priorities, colored balls give a quick visual of the priority.

View Work Orders from WO Browse

If you want to see more information about a work order shown on the Browse list, click a line to highlight it, and click the Zoom to Highlighted button at the bottom of the WO Browse list.

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