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Path: Transactions > Work Order > Records / Costs Tab

The fields on the Costs Tab display charges associated with the work order. Click the various Subtabs to display the information related to labor, material, other, and contractor costs. The default All Subtab displays a summary of information from the other four Subtabs. An exception to information displayed on this Tab applies to Users that have the Hide Labor Costs check box marked on the User / Preferences Tab. In these cases, columns or data related to labor costs are hidden or blank. Labor charge rates are applied based on the hierarchy listed Labor Charge Rate Hierarchy.

Labor lines also include an E-mail email_icon.png icon that is the same as the icon found on the Schedule Tab. Click the icon in View mode to open the e-mail window and send a message to the listed technician. The icon is available for labor lines only and is displayed only when the technician's record includes some form of e-mail or messaging address. See Schedule Tab and the subsequent topics for more information about e-mailing to technicians.

With the work order record in Add or Edit mode, you can enter charges on this Tab. Charges can also be entered from:

  • Work Order / Schedule Tab (click the Convert to labor link)
  • Transactions > Quick Post > Quick Post Cost or Quick Post Contractor Charges

Using the conversion link on the Schedule Tab saves time, or entering costs in batch for a number of work orders from the Quick Post window may be even faster. In Edit mode, click the Cost button on the Costs Tab to open the Work Order Cost Entry window, which is the same window used for entering these costs from the Quick Post Cost window.

If you assign a part from the warehouse to a work order, the action links both the part and the part costs to the work order. When a part is linked to a work order, an adjustment record is created in the On-hand Adjustments window, which in turn updates the associated part record. A red icon red_p_icon.png in the first column indicates uninvoiced parts issued for the work order. Comments about parts can be entered on the Cost Entry popup window from any of the following: Quick Post window, the Work Order (Cost Tab or Schedule Tab–Allocated Parts Subtab), Required Part Browse, or On-hand Adjustments. These Comments can be viewed on the Work Order / Costs-Material grid. Scroll to the right to see the Comments column.

For a list of symbols used for cost lines, click the Legend link on the Action Menu. See the Enterprise note below for further information about the Labor Adjustment icon.

Costs entered from the Quick Post windows (Transactions > Quick Post) are also displayed on the Cost Tab of the applicable work order.

If you use Rate Schedules or other markup, the Charge Subtab shows the full charges. If other amounts are not applied, the fields on the Cost and Charge Subtabs are the same.

ENTERPRISE ONLY. WebTMA Enterprise users also have the option to make adjustments to labor costs. In Enterprise, a gold dollar sign gold_dollar_signs.png for a labor line indicates the cost has been adjusted for that line. This is the same symbol used in Enterprise Quick Post windows when a labor adjustment is made. In View mode, click the gold dollar sign for a Labor Adjustment popup window that displays the details of the adjustment.

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