Work Order Results Tab - WebTMA 5

Path: Transactions > Work Order > Records / Results Tab

This window is used to record the technician's comments. If the task includes check items, click the Check Results link on the Action Menu to enter check results.

On the Results Tab in Edit mode, you can add or edit the line item Comments. Use the line item Comments for short notes about the task.

The General Comments field on the Results Tab is used to add more extensive information about the work. To include a date and time in the General Comments, click the Date/Time date_time_icon.png button at the right of this field. If the text exceeds the visible field, click the Expand expand_icon.png button to open the comments in a separate window for easier reading or writing. These General Comments can also be viewed and copied on the General Subtab of related Quick Post windows.

If a work order also includes a task sheet, you can elect to save the task sheet to the Results Tab when a Finish Date or a Completion Date is entered on the work order Identity Tab. In cases where a work order is reopened and marked as complete after changes are made, you can save the task sheet again, i.e., save two copies of the task sheet with the Results Tab.

If your WebTMA System Administrator adjusts settings in Admin > Client Info / Preferences, other actions can occur. Depending on decisions made by your WebTMA System Administrator, a date entered in the Finish Date or the Completion Date fields might trigger a reminder to ask if you want to include the checks or task sheets on the Results Tab. If used, this reminder can be applied to all work orders or only to PM work orders. For example, you enter a finish or completion date, and a prompt asks if you want to include a task sheet. Click OK, and the task sheet is included in the Technician Comments field on the Results Tab. The sheet is available before you save the record. You can click the Results Tab and review the list to be sure all critical or important actions have been performed before officially closing the work order.

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