WebTMA GO Work Order Queue - WebTMA 5

Path: Main Menu > Work Orders > Work Order Queue

Your WebTMA System Administrator creates Queries from the Work Order / Browse Tab and assigns them to various Trades. If the person who is logged in to WebTMA GO matches the specifics for the query, work orders that fit the profile are listed on the Work Order Queue window. This is the same process used for the Technician Login module where the technician logs in from a browser described in Help > Help Page > Technician Login.

Tap Work Order Queue on the Work Order menu to open the list window.  

Tap the Sync button to populate the window with a list of work orders assigned to your trade or trades.

See the next topic, Advanced Search and Filter Options, to learn about how to reduce the length of the list and make it easier to find work orders of interest to you.

Tap any line of interest to see details about the work order. If desired, assign the work order to yourself by marking the Assign to Myself check box.

Three fields are exclusive to WebTMA v5.1.33 or greater. If you are using an earlier version, the Trade, WO Type, and WO Subtype fields are not visible.

Advanced Search and Filter Options

Tap the Advanced Options button to set a search query to help locate work orders of interest more easily. If needed, tap the Reset Criteria button on clear your selections and start over.

The Assigned field is also color highlighted by priority if your organization uses this feature. You have a Filter By Trade field where you can reduce the list further.

How to Use Work Order Queue Window

Path: Work Order > Work Order Queue

The primary List window is clear until you refresh the data to populate it. If you use WebTMA v5.1.33 or greater, you can use Advanced Options and Filter By Trade to reduce the size of the list.

To review an unassigned work order and self-assign:

  1. Scroll through the list of unassigned work orders.
  2. Tap a line to review a work order.
  3. Tap the Assign To Myself field at the lower left of the window if you wish to work on this job. The window automatically extends to display more fields.
  4. Select a Trade (required).
  5. Accept or complete the other fields as needed.
  6. Tap Save at the upper right of the window.

The line remains on the Work Order Queue window and shows ‘Y’ in the Assigned column. If you select it, the Assign To Myself check box is marked and all fields are read-only.

To perform the work, go to the Work Order window where the newly assigned work order is marked with a blue orb on the right. This indicates the work order has not been viewed by the technician from the Work Order window.

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