WebTMA GO Request Log - WebTMA 5

Path: Main Menu > Work Orders > Request Log

Tap a line on the Request Log List window to open an existing record.

Tap the New button on the title bar to add a request record.

If your WebTMA System Administrator has selected the Filter Item by Location preference in the main application (Admin > Client Info > Preferences), the location selected on this window limits the items available to those that belong to the selected location.

Tap the chevron next to the Main Menu link on the Request Log window to use the Duplicate (copy), Convert to Work Order, or Reject Request options.

The Duplicate feature is the same as using Copy in WebTMA. It makes a copy of the existing record to save data entry when the contents of most fields are the same. Make the needed changes, and tap Save on the title bar to add the new record.

The Convert To Work Order and Reject Request options are enabled only if the logged in user has permission to approve or reject work orders.

E-mail Requestor from Request Log

If the Request Log record includes a valid e-mail address in the Requestor E-mail field, you can long press on the address field to send a message to the requestor.

The WebTMA System Administrator can set up an e-mail template in Admin > Email Settings / Mobile E-mail to give you a format for your e-mail Subject and Message.

Even without a template, a Send Email window opens addressed to the requestor so you can send an e-mail message.

Convert Request to Work Order

Path: Main Menu > Work Orders > Request Log  Convert to Work Order

Click the Convert To Work Order option to convert work orders. It opens the Convert to Work Order window where you can complete the fields needed to create a work order.

Some of the fields are populated based on the request. Required fields are marked in red.

  1. Complete required fields
  2. Enter as much elective information as available.
  3. Tap Save on the title bar.

Reminder: This option is available only if the privilege is granted on your user record.

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