About Requests - WebTMA 5

WebTMA users who are classified as Admin, User, and Requestor can submit a work request. Employees with a special URL can submit simple Service Requests.

Some organizations grant a limited status called Requestor. When these requestors log in to WebTMA, the only windows they can see are WO Request, Event Request, and Reservation Request.

In some cases, an organization can give each Requestor a special URL that bypasses the user login window. This Auto Login is not recommended for organizations that use LDAP with WebTMA. A full discussion of user login setup is found in the document Help > Help Page > System Administrator Setup.

The Service Request window does not require any type of user record in WebTMA. The purpose of the simple service request is to give employees in the organization an easy way to submit a request for a specific location as quickly as possible. A manager or supervisor can generate a special URL and send it to employees at the given location. 

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