Utility Meter - WebTMA 5

The Utility Meter window provides easier analysis of meter data by accumulating the information in an accessible location. All meters in a Facility can be tracked through the Utility Meter window.

Utility Meter Identity Tab

Path: Organization > Utility > Utility Meter / Identity Tab

A check box labeled Active indicates whether this meter record is actively in use. Click to clear the check box if the record is Inactive. The following outlines the minimum required fields. Elective field definitions are found in the next topic, Utility Meters Elective Fields.

  1. Click Add on the TMA toolbar.
  2. Type a Code up to ten characters.
  3. Type a Description of the meter.
  4. Select the Type such as Standard Meter and the Service Type.
  5. Complete as many elective fields as needed.
  6. Click OK on the TMA toolbar to save the record.

The Building radio button is the default Bill By selection. Click Department if you want to bill by department.

Utility Meter Serviced Locations Tab

Path: Organization > Utility > Utility Meter / Serviced Locations Tab

Use this window to designate the locations served by the meter such as Facility, Building, and Area. You can indicate the percent usage for each location.

Utility Meter Utility Ticket

Path: Organization > Utility > Utility Meter / Utility Ticket Tab

This read-only window lists any bills you have added to the Utility Ticket window (Organization > Utility > Utility Ticket) that are affiliated with the selected meter.

To see the ticket record, click the hyperlinked number in the Ticket # column or double-click the line.


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