Purchase Requisition - WebTMA 5

Path: Material > Purchase > Purchase Requisitions / Identity Tab

Use this function to request purchases either for stock in the warehouse or as a single purchase.

When authorized, the request can be converted to a Purchase Order or a Request for Quote. To get vendor quotations before accepting a request, click the Convert to Quote link on the Action Menu. Send the RFQ to as many vendors as needed and get the best price before you order items listed in the requisition.

For Open and Authorized requests that don't need a quote, convert them directly to an order by clicking the Convert to Order link on the Action Menu, which carries forward the basic information. Line items can be converted individually to different PO numbers. The PO# column in the grid displays the order number when a Purchase Request line is converted to a Purchase Order.

A PR can be closed or re-opened using the Open/Close PR link on the Action Menu. WebTMA gives you at-a-glance information about the requisition on the right side of the window. Look for these terms in bold type Authorized, Authorization Required, Open, Rejected, and Closed under the Tax Rate field.

WebTMA checks to be sure the quantity for a line that has distributions is greater than the total Required Quantities of the distributions for the item. If the quantity is not sufficient, you receive a message alerting you that the quantity is insufficient.

Several Tabs on this window are used by many functions in WebTMA. An explanation of these shared Tabs is found in the separate Help > Help Page > Common Functions document.

The Purchase Order window includes most of the fields found on this window. Since the two windows are very similar, use the step by step instructions for purchase orders. Similar to the Purchase Order window, once a line item is saved, it cannot be changed from a Part to an OTP line. A One Time Purchase (OTP) is not usually recommended since it is not tracked the way a Part or Maintenance-worthy Item is tracked.

NOTE:  Your WebTMA System Administrator has the option to require that all items on a Purchase Requisition be fully distributed to work orders. If Require full distribution to work order is marked in Admin > Client Info / Preferences, purchase requisition records cannot be saved unless the full amount of all items requested have distribution lines added.

Open/Closed Purchase Requisitions

When any lines on a Purchase Requisition have been converted to a Purchase Order, the record can no longer be edited-even though term Open is displayed on the interface.

A PR can be closed or re-opened using the Open/Close PR link on the Action Menu for various administrative reasons, but Open does not equate to editable.

A message alerts you if lines have been converted.

To determine which lines have been converted, scroll right in the line item grid. Any converted lines have a number in the PO # column.

Other Purchase Requisition Window Features

Path: Material > Purchase > Purchase Requisition

Other Tabs on the Purchase Requisition window include:

POs Tab

Use this window to review any Purchase Orders to which the Purchase Requisition has been converted. When a requisition has been converted to an order more than once, the first number shows in the PO # field on the Identity Tab. Look to the POs Tab for a list of all orders related to the requisition.

Distribution Tab

If some or all the items ordered apply to existing work orders, this read-only Tab summarizes them.

On the Identity Tab, use the Distribution process to specify the item and quantity.

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