Training Batch Request - WebTMA 5

Path: Transactions > Training > Training Batch Request

This information applies to the optional WebTMA Training module.

Use the Training Batch Request window to add Class requests for multiple technicians.

Classes listed in the Class grid are filtered based on the fields from the Class window. If the current date falls within the Enrollment Start and Enrollment End date range and the Enrollment Closed check box is not marked, the class is included in the list.

By default, the Open Only check box is marked. This field works in conjunction with the Enrollment Closed status of a class. Clear the Open Only check box if you want to override the restriction and see closed classes as well open classes.

Mark the Auto Create Assignment check box to automatically create training assignments when the training request is added. Note that your WebTMA System Administrator can edit selected User record Default setting to check this option automatically. The grid identifies the class Start Date and the Program description.

If the selected class has a start date when the check box marked, the assignment is created automatically.

When you click Save on the toolbar, WebTMA checks to insure all selected classes have start dates. If one is found without a start date, a message alerts you. Only the classes with start dates are auto-generated.

Click OK on the alert message to auto-generate assignments for lines with start dates and submit a request for those without start dates.

Click Cancel on the alert message to return the entire batch to the pre-save state.

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