Accounts Window Tabs - WebTMA 5

Accounts Cost Tab

Path: Accounting > Accounts / Costs Tab

The read-only Cost Tab displays the posted costs for the selected account. This is different from other Cost Tabs in the application.

All other Cost Tabs merely reflect an accumulation of costs to give users an idea of the costs incurred. The Accounts / Cost Tab shows the value of funds taken from the specific account.

Most organizations do not routinely charge other accounts for the work they do. However, if work is charged, the Accounts / Cost Tab reflects the value of those charges.

The data on this window reflects current cost data by labor, parts, other, contractor, and total compared to historical data.

Accounts Repair Center Tab

Path: Accounting > Accounts > Repair Center Tab

You can restrict access to an account by assigning specific repair centers. If access to the repair center is granted on the User Management / Data Access–Repair Center Subtab of the logged in user, then the person can select the account.

Unless an account has at least one repair center listed, the account is not shown in any selection list.

Accounts Users Tab

If you use the Pending Charges Review/Dispute feature described on page 23, the users associated with the Department display on the Accounts / Users Tab. Select the Department on the Accounts / Identity Tab.

The read-only Users Tab displays any Users or Requestors with the related Department selected on their User Management record.

Accounts - Sub Account Tab

Path: Accounting > Accounts / Sub-Account Tab

The WebTMA Accounts window includes a Tab that supports the optional designation of sub-accounts. Sub-accounts are used when you charge an account for work or services performed and you need to distribute those charges into sub-accounts for labor, materials, other, and contractor charges. The window also accommodates sub-accounts for contractors as well. An alternative to sub-accounts is split billing.

If you use the optional WebTMA Universal Financial Interface (UFI) module, sub-accounts are not needed.

cauton_icon.png Use Sub-Accounts only with those accounts that are charged on work orders. To avoid skewed account information, do not use with accounts that are charged for fuel and oil, vehicle rental, parts purchases, or any accounts other than those for work order charges .

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