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Path: Accounting > Accounts / Identity

The Accounts / Identity Tab is used to enter and view the information that defines each account. An Active check box is available. All records, both active and inactive, are listed on the Browse Tab. However, only active accounts display in selection lists in WebTMA.

The Last Post Date field identifies the last date charges were posted to the account.

NOTE: If you use the optional Universal Financial Interface, additional Account Segments fields display at the top of the window.

Account Group (Enterprise Only)

Path: Accounting > Accounts / Identity Tab

The Account Group type is exclusive to WebTMA Enterprise.

Enter the desired code in the Group field on the Accounts window. Account Groups are defined in Lookups / Account Group and are used to assemble desired accounts. They are used as a grouping and sorting mechanism for reports.

Account Group values appear on reports for the Account window and Account Listing (Report Manager).

Balance Type

Path: Accounting > Accounts / Identity

This field is required. Accept the default entry of Balance Forward or Periodic Balance. The field cannot be edited later. Your selection determines subsequent actions.

WebTMA tracks all accumulative costs by month, and updates the current values each time records are saved. This provides a historical view of costs by month or year for the entire time a client is active.

Normal Balance

Path: Accounting > Accounts / Identity

An entry in the Normal Balance field is required. Select from Debit, Credit, or Unspecified to identify the type of transactions that will normally be posted to the account. Once you have used the account in transactions, do not change the field contents.

The default entry is Debit when adding a new record.

About Debit Balances

Path: Accounting > Accounts / Identity

If you select Debit in the Normal Balance field, costs are subtracted from the budget amount when the account number is entered in a billing Account field of a transaction. If used in a field that defines the amount to be paid, the amount is added to the budget amount.

Example: If a normal debit balance account is used in the Account # field on the Work Order / Identity Tab but a different account is used to record the labor, materials, and other costs, the costs will be subtracted from the budget of the normal credit balance account.

Costs are added to the budget if the normal debit balance account is used on the Cost Tabs and a different account is entered in the Account # field.

About Credit Balances

Path: Accounting > Accounts / Identity

If you select Credit in the Normal Balance field, costs for accounts defined as having a normal credit balance (when used in debit fields, i.e., amount to be paid) are a positive adjustment to the Starting Balance field on the Accounts window.

Credit accounts do not typically have a budget; they are used to accumulate offsetting costs for debit accounts. If used in an account field that defines charges (credit), the amount is subtracted from the budget amount.

Account Header

Path: Accounting > Accounts / Identity Tab

Mark the Account Header check box to designate the account record as a header. Header accounts are used for reporting purposes only. They reflect no charges or credits.

How to Add Account Records

Path: Accounting > Accounts / Identity Tab

  1. Click Add on the WebTMA toolbar.
  2. Enter information in the following required fields: Account #, Name, Account Type, Balance Type, and Normal Balance.
  3. Enter information in any of the remaining fields you choose.
  4. (Optional) Check the Account Header box only if the record is to be used as an account header for reports.
  5. Click Save on the WebTMA toolbar.

The Active check box is marked by default to indicate this is an active account.

cauton_icon.png You cannot delete account records that are linked to other records. If you have an account that is no longer used, edit the account, and clear the Active check box. Inactive account numbers are not available in selection lists, but the integrity of the account information is retained.

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