Advanced Accounting - WebTMA 5

Advanced Accounting is available exclusively with the WebTMA Enterprise version. This charge-back accounting feature allows each repair center to charge other internal clients or departments for labor, materials, and other costs.

The following charges are available:

  • work assigned and performed using the Work Order window
  • materials from inventory using the Sales Order window
  • costs associated with Fuel & Oil Tickets window

Any client or department to be charged must have an account number defined in the account record. The Accounts window is used to define the account numbers and descriptions to which expenses may be charged (debited) or credited. The software maintains charges for labor, material, and other expenses as they are added to a work order.

Advanced Accounting uses the Admin > Batch Management function to post charges to a Sub-Ledger. This gives you the opportunity to review the results and use Accounting > Post Charges > Batch Reversal in cases where results are unsatisfactory. Once the Sub-Ledger posting is satisfactory, Advanced Accounting provides the Accounting > Post Charges > Post to General Ledger window where you can apply charges to the designated account records.

If your organization uses the Accounts Payable Invoice and Accounts Receivable Invoice functions that are part of Advanced Accounting in WebTMA Enterprise, a separate Invoices document provides full details.

Files transferred to third party financial applications from the Universal Financial Interface (UFI) module are taken from the results of posting to the General Ledger.

Universal Financial Interface and WebTMA Accounting

If your organization uses the optional Universal Financial Interface (UFI) module, the WebTMA Accounts window includes additional fields. Although the Accounting window includes the Sub-Account Tab, it is not used with UFI. A separate document at Help > Help Page > UFI describes how to use this module.

Encumbered Advanced Accounting

Path: Accounting > Accounts / Identity Tab

The Encumber field is exclusive to WebTMA Enterprise.

This read-only field is available only with WebTMA Enterprise. It reflects the total amount of funds encumbered for the account.

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