Work Orders in mobileTMA GO for Android - WebTMA 5

Work Order Window

Path: Menu > Work Order > Work Order

Follow the path to view a list of work orders assigned to the technician. The only work orders that are download to the device are those assigned to the technician who is logged in to the device. If the work order is a multi-task work order, the technician sees only the tasks assigned to him or her.

The work order list shows essential information about the work order. You can change the amount of information in the list by tapping the Options  vertical ellipsis to configure the display.

If you have assigned colors to work order priorities, the WO # is highlighted in the priority color. In addition, a number at the lower right indicates the number of records downloaded.

When a check mark displays at the right, it indicates the record is currently saved and in sync with the server.

 A ‘T’ shows that the Timer is running on the Work Order. If your organization uses the optional General Inspection module and the Timer is running on the inspection, the 'T' also displays on this Work Order window.

An ‘L’ displays at the right if labor has been posted to a work order.

An ‘L!” displays if labor has been posted but errors prevent uploading the hours. The “L!” symbol also displays on the Task window for multi-task work orders. Tap Status mGO_7_X_Btn_Exclamation.png at the top of the Labor window for details about the error.

A blue orb indicates a newly downloaded record that has not been viewed by the technician. Once you tap the line and open the record, the blue orb goes away.

Work orders downloaded to the device are listed on this window. Once you complete and successfully save a work order, it remains on this window for 24 hours. New work orders created by the technician also display on this window for 24 hours following upload.

Tap a work order in the list to view the work order record.

The number of work orders assigned to a technician is based on the mobileTMA Days setting on the Technician record in WebTMA.

New work orders are uploaded when you click Save on the record if you have a WiFi or Cellular connection, but they remain on the list window for 24 hours.

To view work orders requested on a specific date, for a specific location, action requested, and other criteria, use the Advanced Options mGO_7_X_Btn_Funnel_NotSet.png filter icon.

Work Order Defaults

Work Orders use these rules to complete Department and Account fields when appropriate.

Department Default Rules

Item-based work orders (Equipment, Vehicle, Asset, Tool, Biomed, IT Equipment):

First: the Item’s Department

Second: the Department linked to the Item’s Area

Area-based work orders:

The Department linked to the Work Order’s Area

The Department for the Building linked to an item.

Area-based work orders

      The Department linked to the Building shown on the WO

Building-based work orders

      The Department linked to the Building shown on the WO

Floor-based work orders

      The Department linked to the Floor of the Building on the WO

Work Order Records

Path: Menu > Work Order > Work Order / Identity

This window displays the basic information about the work order: location, type, action requested, and the tag number if applicable.

If alerts, such as Right to Know, are part of the work order, the Btn_mGO_7_AlertsTriangle.png alert icon displays. Tap the icon to view the alert.

Scroll through the Identity window for more information about the work order such as request date and time, account number, status, and chargeable status.

If needed, you can tap the arrow in the Select Item or Status field to make a selection.

See the Item Condition on Maintenance-Worthy Items topic on page 14 for full information about the Item Condition button.

The Action Requested field at the bottom of this window displays the work needed for the work order. The text is read-only if an existing work order was downloaded to the device. If working on a new work order, the action requested can be edited until the work order is uploaded to WebTMA.

The icons above the window change depending on the makeup of the work order.

NOTE: Photos on your Android device can be uploaded; photos attached to a work order are downloaded from WebTMA when you tap Linked Photos.

Identity Tab Options on Work Order

Tap the Options  vertical ellipsis on the Work Order / Identity Tab to review a list of optional actions. For the most part, the commands are self-evident. Depending on your organization, you may not see all options; however, the Take Signature and Show Bar Code options should be visible. Use of the Take Signature option is described in the next topic, Work Order Signature.

Tap the Show Bar Code option to display a bar code of the work order. This can be useful when checking out parts at the warehouse. Warehouse personnel can scan your device to charge the parts to the correct work order.

The ability to use the Cancel Work Order option is granted by your WebTMA Administrator. Use of this feature closes the tasks and marks them as 'Work Not Done,' closes the work order, sets the status of the WO to cancelled, and sends a status change email that states the work order was cancelled. Once cancelled, the screen displays a brief message notifying you, then refreshes to the list window, and automatically reloads the cancelled work order where you can verify the Status as cancelled and the appropriate Close Dates.

Work Order Signature

Path: Menu > Work Order > Work Order mGO_7_X_Btn_VerticalEllipsis.png–Take Signature

Technicians can get an electronic signoff from the customer using the Take Signature window. Tap the vertical ellipsis and select Take Signature. The linked document is attached to the work order with a document name made up of [Day][Month][Year][Time].jpg, for example 22112021845.jpg.

E-mail Requestor from Work Order

If the Work Order record includes a valid e-mail address in the Requestor E-mail field, you can double-tap on the address field to send a message to the requestor.

The WebTMA System Administrator can set up an e-mail template in Admin > Email Settings / Mobile E-mail to give you a format for your e-mail Subject and Message.

Even without a template, a Send Email window opens addressed to the requestor so you can send an e-mail message.

Item Condition on Maintenance-Worthy Items

Path: Menu > Work Order > Work Order / Identity

When the work order is written on a maintenance-worthy item, an Item Condition button is visible above the item description field. Tap this button to open the Inventory Condition window and review the last recorded condition of the item if required. The Inventory Condition window is read-only until you mark the Update Condition check box.

Mark the Update Condition check box to enable the following fields:

  • Inventory Location
  • Inventory Condition
  • Inventory Tech

Clear the Update Condition check box and the fields revert to read-only and the previous values are restored.

When you make changes, be sure to tap the Done button and Save the Work Order record. If not saved, the changes are not recorded.

A successful Save indicates to the server there is new condition data to save to the maintenance-worthy item. The time for the Last Inventory Date is set to midnight on the server.

Maintenance-Worthy Item Information

When a work order is written on a Maintenance-Worthy Item (MWI), an information Z_MGO-MWI_Info.png icon is visible to the right of the item description field. MWI items can be equipment, vehicle, asset, group, entity, tool, biomed, or IT equipment.

When you tap this button, additional fields display below the field with the information. Scroll up or down to see location information, item type/subtype, model, serial, sub-location, warranty date, risk level, manufacturer, not located date, and count

NOTE: The icon is not available when you add a new tag or change an existing tag. This data is loaded once the work order saves.

Work Order Task or Tasks

Path: Menu > Work Order > Work Order > Work Order / Task

Tap Work Order Tasks at the top of the window to view the assigned tasks. The only tasks loaded on the device are those assigned to the technician logged in to mobileTMA GO. Even multi-task work orders display only the tasks assigned to the logged-in technician. This is noted at the right where ‘A’ indicates assigned. When you tap a line to view the full Task window, it includes four buttons and an icon: Labor, Parts, Other, and Test Items plus the clock face icon that indicates Start Timer.

The Test Items button opens a Quick Post window that allows you to record information about the item used for testing such as a calibrator or pressure tester that allows the item to be tracked for cost or safety checks.

When the following conditions are true, an icon mGO_7_BtnChecksForTaskIcon.png next to the task number alerts you that checks are required for the task:

  • The Client Info / Preferences option to Require all master checks to be processed before closing work order is checked
  • Not all lines on the Check List Tab have been completed

In these circumstances, the icon shown above helps remind you that some or all of the checks have not been marked. The Client Info / Preferences setting makes this a requirement before the Completion field is enabled on the Task Tab in mobileTMA GO. In addition, the check list must be saved before leaving the Work Order window via the Labor button on the Work Order Task / Identity Tab. Regardless of how you open the QP Labor window either from the menu or from the Work Order window, mobileTMA GO will not save the labor record unless the full checklist is completed and saved (from the Work Order window) when the conditions listed above exist.

If Labor is added but the record is incomplete or some other error occurs, the T/L/A field as well as the symbol includes an exclamation mark (L!). Go to the Labor window for this record and tap the Status icon for details about the error.

If the Shutdown Notification check box is marked on the Task record in WebTMA, this window also displays SHUTDOWN NOTIFICATION REQUIRED at the top of the window.

On the Task window, scroll down to see the completed date and time fields, and check any of the following. Note that some of these fields may be disabled depending on the privileges granted to the technician from the WebTMA application.

  • Finish Task
  • Close Task
  • Not Located
  • Close Sched?
  • Work Not Done
  • Failed PM

The Not Located check box is available for portable items that are not in the expected location.

Use the Failed PM check box if the item fails the PM. If the check box is clear (the default), it indicates the PM passed or was not checked.

The failure codes are filtered by repair center and task type similar to other filter actions in mobileTMA GO. The failure code options are set by the WebTMA System Administrator. Tap the arrow to select the applicable code. In some cases the technician must create a corrective work order for a PM work order. This is true if the Task has Corrective Work Order information included in the main application Lookups > Failure Codes window.

If this is a new work order created by the logged in technician on mobileTMA GO, an additional check box, Assigned To Self, is also visible. When the technician has access to add new tasks to existing work orders, the new task is automatically assigned to the technician by design. This insures the task returns to the device. When editing, the Assigned To Self check box is not visible.

Biomed Equipment Not Located. If the item not located is biomed equipment (Healthcare licensees), the system performs additional checks during upload because WebTMA displays a date on the item record that indicates the first time the item was not located. During the upload for a biomed work order marked as not located, WebTMA checks for a date on the Biomed / Misc Tab. If none is present, a date is added to the record. If a date is present, the date is not changed.

Work Order Task Comments

Path: Menu > Work Order > Work Order / Task Comments

The Task Comments window is used by technicians to record the work performed.

On this window, tap Plus  on the title bar to see the Date, Action, and Task Comments fields.

Tap the arrow at the right of the Action field and select one or more frequently performed tasks. The WebTMA System Administrator creates these short phrases such as Fuse Replaced, Leak Fixed, Oil Changed, and Temperature Adjusted.

The selected action is inserted in the Tech Comments field. Technicians can also tap in the Tech Comments field and enter additional information.

Comments accumulate on this window and the WebTMA Work Order / Results Tab each time the record is saved and uploaded.

Comments are linked to the work order through the task. Saving a labor line does not update/refresh the work order task comments on the device. To refresh data, save the entire work order to force a Refresh or Clear the work order from the device and refresh the work order list.

Work Order PM Task Sheet

Path: Menu > Menu > Work Order > Work Order / Task – Task line

If the task record in WebTMA includes a Task Sheet or Check List, tap Check List or Task Sheet at the top of the window to view them.

Work Order Required Parts

If you need to request parts or if they are required for the work order, tap the Parts button on the Task details window.

To view the list of parts or add parts:

  1. Tap the ellipsis on the Part
  2. Enter the Part number or a partial number in the Search Note the list shows the number of parts Avail for each part listed.
  3. Tap the desired part number on the list. This returns you to the QP Parts window with the Part number entered in the Part
  4. Enter the Qty.
  5. Tap Save.

Work Order Check List

Path: Menu > Work Order > Work Order > Task / Check List

If the Task selected for this work order has a Task Check List, the list is included with the mobileTMA GO work order.

The Check List window includes a Value field to allow entry of any required numeric information (for example, the amount of refrigerant remaining in a cylinder). An additional Comment field is used for notes about performance recorded on the checklist if needed.

If the item in question includes a Pass/Fail option, tap the arrow in the P/F field and select from the available options: Passed, Failed, or Not Checked.

Results from the checklist are saved on the handheld device and transferred to WebTMA when files are uploaded.

NOTE: If your WebTMA System Administrator has checked the Require all master checks to be processed before closing/finishing work order from Admin > Client Info / Preferences Tab, all checks must be completed and the work order record saved before you are allowed to mark the task as closed or finished from the QP Labor window.

Work Order History

Path: Menu > Work Order > Work Order / History

The History icon is visible above the window. Use History to review other work that has been performed for the item or location. This function is only available when a WiFi or cellular data connection is active.

If there are a number of work orders in the history, it can take a moment to load all the records.

The files downloaded are limited to twenty-five records at a time. If you want to review additional records, tap the Load More button at the top of the window to download more records.

The list displays limited details about the Work Order. Tap a line item on the list to see more information about the selected work order.

Work Order Linked Photos

Path: Menu > Work Order > Work Order / Linked Photos

Use the Linked Photos window to do any of the following:

  • Take a photo to be uploaded to WebTMA
  • Download a photo attached to the work order
  • View external photos from the phone's Photo Library

When you tap Linked Photos, photos attached to the work order display. The file name displays at the top of the photo.

Tap the Take Photo button to make a record for WebTMA, such as damaged or repaired items. Your photos are uploaded to WebTMA when saved records are pushed to the server.

Tap the Photo Library button to see all photos in your Android Gallery. Select a photo from the Gallery to add to the work order photos for upload.

New Work Orders

Path: Menu > Work Order > Work Order > mGO_7_X_Btn_Plus-Add.png

Technicians can create new work orders in mobileTMA GO and transfer them to WebTMA if they have permission to Add Work Orders granted from the User Management / Mobile Access Tab in WebTMA.

The Work Order Number field shows *New 1*, *New 2*, etc., and WebTMA assigns a permanent number when the record is uploaded to the database.

Once the work order is saved and uploaded, WebTMA follows a similar process used for records created from the browser. If the item on the work order is part of a Group, WebTMA looks for the lowest-level common location for the Group and adds the Location ID. This occurs after the record is uploaded from the mobile device. If you download the record later, you might see a Location ID on the record; however, if the Group does not have a common location, no Location ID is shown.

Technicians can also create single-task or multi-task work orders from the device Task displays at the top of the screen when you add a new work order. Tap to add tasks to the new work order.

When uploaded, WebTMA marks the Created from mobile device check box on the Work Order / More Info Subtab to identify the source and allow searches for mobileTMA GO work orders within the main application.

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