General Operation of mobileTMA GO for Android - WebTMA 5

Data entry on an Android device is similar to using a computer. Entries are made from the soft keyboard.

Some fields are completed automatically. Tap in the desired field, and the keyboard automatically displays at the bottom of the window. On many windows, you will need to scroll down to see all fields.

Login to mobileTMA GO

Use the following instructions the first time you log in to mobileTMA GO:

  1. Tap the mobileTMA GO logo on the home screen of the handheld device. This opens the mobileTMA GO Login
  2. Enter your Login ID, Password, and Client
  3. Enter the URL for your installation. *
  4. Tap the Sign In

After you are logged in, the device retains your login information.

*If TMA Systems does not host your database, you need to set this connection. By default, the path is For all clients whether TMA- or client-hosted, the URL points to the login page, excluding any page reference (e.g.,

After login, a popup window displays the progress of downloaded data.


If you do not log out of mobileTMA GO, tap Refresh on the Data Manager window, this allows you to reload both static and transactional data without logging out. However, changes made to Text Management in WebTMA that relate to mobileTMA GO and changes to menu, location, or repair center access require that you log out. As with any computer device, it is advisable to log out from time to time as part of good maintenance.

When you log out of the application, all records are cleared from the device; this includes pending items that have not been uploaded for any reason, including those items that are incomplete. Static records are reloaded when you log in again.

To alert you that the pending items will be lost, mobileTMA GO asks you to confirm logout.

Field Labels

The terminology used on mobileTMA GO windows is the same as the WebTMA interface.

If your WebTMA setup uses different field labels for certain fields (defined by the WebTMA System Administrator), these changed field label names display in mobileTMA GO when you transfer data.

Special Character Usage

To prevent users from saving malicious HTML characters such as a combination of &#, WebTMA has a validation mechanism that adds a space between the characters that are added to text fields. When you tab out of the field, the space is inserted and a message alerts you that the character string has been updated.

In mobile applications, a space is also inserted between special characters added to large text fields; however, the mobile applications do not display a warning message.

The objective is the same – to prevent the use of malicious characters.

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