Client Info and User Preferences for Invoicing - WebTMA 5

Invoicing functionality is exclusive to WebTMA Enterprise users.

Using A/P and A/R Invoicing, you can match WebTMA records with the actual invoiced cost.

If your organization elects to Allow Purchase Order Invoicing in Admin > Client Info / Preferences users can choose, on a PO-by-PO basis, whether the payment is handled with invoice tracking or without. POs are the only module with this record-by-record feature. Other Accounts Payable records that can be tracked are Project Requisition, Utility Bill, and Work Order.

Internal departments can use Accounts Receivable Invoicing and apply them to Fuel and Oil, Sales Order, Rental, Expense Ticket, Utility Bill, and Work Order records.

When WebTMA invoicing is used:

  • Invoice items marked on the Receivings window are considered to be uninvoiced until matched against an invoice.
  • Uninvoiced items are received by the warehouse and can be issued or distributed as an available item.
  • Line items can be transferred to an Invoices window, but only PO costs can be matched on an Accounts Payable Invoice record when the actual invoice is received.
  • Invoices for partial shipments can be paid.
  • A new invoice record can be created in WebTMA when more PO partial shipments are received.
  • Payments are applied to the invoice record rather than the transaction record the invoice was created against.
  • Invoiced Parts without an invoice cannot be posted until the invoice is matched. Matching gives the items a final price.

Invoicing Preferences in Client Info

Path: Admin > Client Info / Preferences Tab

The Client Info / Preferences Tab includes invoice options in two sections. Look in the Advanced Materials Management section for Allow Purchase Order Invoicing. This invoicing option includes freight costs and makes use of invoice matching.

Scroll to the bottom of the Preferences Tab to see the Enterprise Invoicing section. The invoice process for any of the items marked here allows you to track the payments but does not match payments to vendor’s invoices. Mark the check boxes of the options you use.

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