Reservation Batch Validation - WebTMA 5

Path: Transactions > Facility Scheduler > Reservation Batch Validation

This function is similar to the Request > Batch Validation function. You can select a given time period or specific dates as well as filter by requestor to search for pending reservations.

When you click the List Reservations button, the resulting window lists all the pending requests that match the criteria. You can validate (accept) as many of these reservations as needed from the list.

Use the Validate, Remove Selected, Zoom to Highlight, and Export (to a spreadsheet) buttons on the window. These are similar to the buttons on the Reservation Browse window with the addition of the Validate button here.

To return to the Criteria window and generate a different list, click the New Browse Criteria link at the top of the page.

How to Validate Reservations in Batch

Path: Transactions > Facility Scheduler > Reservation Batch Validation

If the list is long, click the Sort... button to rearrange it.

To validate multiple reservations at one time:

  1. Click the check box adjacent to line items on the list window.
  2. Click the Validate button to open the Reservation
  3. Click your choice of Accept, Skip, or Reject

When you click one of the buttons, the reservation status changes, and WebTMA opens the next reservation you marked until all are processed.

To change the number of lines displayed on the page:

  1. Enter a number in the field at the lower right of the window.
  2. Click the Page Size

Text at the right of the field shows the new number of lines.


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