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If you need to reverse Mass Updated records, you have the option of using the Biomed Mass Reversal window.

Reversals are made starting with the most recent Mass Update records. For example, if updates are made on the 8th, 9th, and 10th of the month and you want to reverse the 8th, you must reverse both the 10th and the 9th before you can reverse the 8th.

You can double-click a line to open the Biomed Batch Detail window and review all items that were mass updated (on the Items List Subtab) or the fields that were updated (on the Updated Fields Subtab).

On the Items List Subtab, click the linked Control ID number to open the full Biomed Equipment item in a separate window.

How to Reverse Biomed Mass Updated Records

Reminder: Reversals are made starting with the most recent Mass Update batch.

  1. Open the Biomed Mass Reversal window.
  2. Select a Created On or After date to display a list of all batches that were mass updated on that date forward.
  3. (Optional) Click to mark the Show Reversed check box to see both updated and reversed batches.
  4. Click the Set Query link on the Action Menu to list Mass Updates that match the criteria.
  5. Click the Reverse link to reverse the most recent Mass Update batch.
  6. Click OK on the "Are you sure…" popup.

When the reversal is complete, WebTMA notifies you in a popup message.

Biomed Mass Reversal Action Menu Links

Actions are invoked on the Biomed Mass Reversal window using the links on the Action Menu.

Click the Set Query link to display the Mass Updates based on the date selected at the top of the page. This link causes WebTMA to query the database and get a new list of batches that fit the criteria. By default, the Show Reversed check box is clear and the list does not include any Mass Updates that have been reversed. When checked, the system displays both reversed and updated lines.

Click the Reverse link to reverse the most recent Mass Update. An alert window opens with the question, "Are you sure that you want to reverse batch# XX?" Click OK to reverse the changes or Cancel to return to the Biomed Mass Reversal window without making any changes.

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