Biomed Mass Update - WebTMA 5

Path: Organization > Biomed > Biomed Mass Update

Use the Biomed Mass Update module to create a complex set of selection criteria for records to be updated. You can update any one or multiple fields from selected records.

How to Mass Update Biomed Records

Path: Organization > Biomed > Biomed Mass Update

As with similar windows in WebTMA, you have the option to remove lines from the list (but not from the data base), zoom to a record, or make changes to the record.

  1. Check the line or lines to be changed.
  2. Click the Mass Update button.
  3. Mark as many check boxes or add text as needed. Note the scroll bar within the popup window. You have many more options than at first view.


  4. Click the Update button to make these changes to all the records checked.

Biomed Mass Update Criteria Selection

Path: Organization > Biomed > Biomed Mass Update

Like similar windows in WebTMA, you can be as specific or general as needed in your search for records to update.

When you open the window, you first see the Biomed Mass Update Query window.

Make the selections to filter your list to the desired records and click the List Biomed button.

How to Reverse Biomed Mass Updated Records

Reminder: Reversals are made starting with the most recent Mass Update batch.

  1. Open the Biomed Mass Reversal window.
  2. Select a Created On or After date to display a list of all batches that were mass updated on that date forward.
  3. (Optional) Click to mark the Show Reversed check box to see both updated and reversed batches.
  4. Click the Set Query link on the Action Menu to list Mass Updates that match the criteria.
  5. Click the Reverse link to reverse the most recent Mass Update batch.
  6. Click OK on the "Are you sure…" popup.

When the reversal is complete, WebTMA notifies you in a popup message.

Biomed View Mass Update Changes

Path: Organization > Biomed > Records

WebTMA captures your changes and stores them with each record that has been changed. Once you have made changes from the Mass Update window, you can go to the individual equipment record at Organization > Biomed > Records to review the changes.

Click the Mass Update History link on the Action Menu to review changes.

The Biomed Mass Update History window shows both the old value and the new value, the date of the batch, and other relevant information. Reversed User and Reversed Date columns are populated if any of the lines listed have been reversed using the Biomed Mass Reversal process.

Double-click a line to open the Biomed Batch Detail window and review all items that were mass updated in the same batch (found on the Items List Subtab) or the fields that were mass updated (found on the Updated Fields Subtab).

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