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Path: Transactions > Custodial > Custodial Route

The Custodial Route window is used to create a custodial route for Routine and Project tasks. A custodial route is similar to a Schedule in WebTMA. You can print a Summary or Detail route and give the printout to the assigned custodian or crew to use as a work sheet. Crews are used if your organization chooses team cleaning.

The required fields on the Identity Tab are a Description of the route, an identification Code, the Repair Center, and the route Supervisor; however, you can establish other requirements, such as Shift.

The Square Footage field shows the total number of square feet in all areas in the route.

An alert icon  tells you that the Route has no associated inspections.

Add additional information to the Detail Subtab large free text field.

The Routine and Project Tabs are used to choose the locations for the route. The Tasks associated with the locations display in a second tier when you click the plus sign. The PM Tab is used to establish PMs for projects listed on the Project Tab.

For a summary of hours assigned by day, click the Hours  link on the Action Menu.

Routine Tab

Path: Transactions > Custodial > Custodial Route / Routine Tab

Click the Routine Tab to add or review the list of locations for the Route as well as the tasks.

In Add or Edit mode, you have the option to click links to the Loc ID or Template to open these records in a new window and review related date.

In Edit mode, you can reassign the sequence # for a row. Type a different sequence # in a field and click Save on the WebTMA toolbar. The system automatically changes the sort numbers. For example, if you changed number 3 to 2 (thus showing two 2's), the rows are rearranged and renumbered when the window refreshes after Save. If you make several changes at one time that result in a tie, the unit ID is used as the tie breaker.

The parent rows in the grid show the identifying information for a location as well as the number of minutes spent performing the tasks for the given area by day and a weekly total. In View or Edit mode, click the plus sign at the beginning of a row to display all the tasks associated with the location in child rows.

If you need to delete several rows from the window, mark the check box at the beginning of each line to be removed and click the Delete Selected button at the bottom of the window.

In Add/Edit mode, click the Recalculate link and scroll to the far right columns to see the colored task indicators and square footage of the area. In order to see the color codes, you need to click Recalculate. The icons indicate the following:

Btn_RedBallTrainingBrowse.png  A red icon indicates a task does not satisfy the amount of cleanings set forth by the Custodial Template.

Z_Btn_Cust_GreenBall.png  A green icon indicates a task satisfies the amount of cleanings set forth by the Custodial Template.

Btn_YellowBallTrainingBrowse.png    A yellow icon indicates that a task more than satisfies the amount of cleanings set forth by the Custodial Template.

Project Tab

Path: Transactions > Custodial > Custodial Route / Project Tab

The Project Tab is similar to the Routine Tab. The difference is that the locations and tasks listed here are not performed on a weekly basis. These are tasks that are generally performed once or twice a year. The Custodial Template / Identity Tab includes a Project Subtab for these types of tasks.

Adding routes to the Project Tab follows the same steps as adding routes to the Routine Tab.

PM Tab

Path: Transactions > Custodial > Custodial Route / PM Tab

Project tasks can be assigned a preventive maintenance schedule on the PM Tab.

The Description column displays the Task Description from the Custodial Template. The Task Description column shows the contents of the Description field from Organization > Tasks > Records / Identity Tab.

The Item Entry window lists all of the Area/Tasks that are established on the Custodial Route / Project Tab. The PM items are restricted to areas and only areas on the Project Tab. An area is listed the number of times it has a difference Project task.

Once an Area/Task is linked to a PM, it is dropped from the list of available options, i.e., a Project (Area/Task) line is only allowed to connect to one PM schedule.

A standard WebTMA Task must be associated with the newly created PM schedule line. There are no meter-based Custodial PMs.

Other than these exceptions, the PM Tab follows the same rules as other PMs. See Help > Help Page > Common Functions for complete instructions on how to add PMs.

If a Custodial Route is inactivated, all PMs associated with the route are inactivated as well.

How to Create a Custodial Route

Path: Transactions > Custodial > Custodial Route

To create a route for a custodian from the Custodial Route window:

  1. Click Add on the WebTMA toolbar.
  2. Complete the required and elective fields.
  3. Click the Routine (or Project) Tab.
  4. Click the Add Area link at the top of the grid. Note: If you enter a Facility on the Item Selection window that opens, WebTMA filters the buildings list to reflect only the buildings linked to the selected Facility.
  5. (Optional) Mark the Unassigned check box to limit the list to locations that have not been added to a Custodial route.
  6. Select the desired rooms from the Item Selection popup window.
  7. Click the Add Selected button and close the window.
  8. Click Save on the WebTMA toolbar.

An area can be used in the same assignment only once; however, a room can belong to as many different assignments as you feel necessary.

When you select an area for the Route, the Item Selection popup window displays a Route Count column at the extreme right. Look to this column to see the number of Routes that include the given area.

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