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Copy Existing Reports

Path: Reports > Report Manager

You can use any existing report in the Report Manager window as the basis for other reports. When you select a report and click the Copy Report button from Report Manager window, WebTMA automatically opens the Report Writer / Properties Tab ready for your input.

A Copy Report button is also on the Report Writer window. The list of reports on this window includes reports from the Report Manager and your custom reports. You can copy any reports from the Report Writer window using the Copy Report button.

Click the Quick View button to print the report without displaying the Print Format popup window. The following conditions are required to use the Quick View button:

  • A Default Report Format has been selected
  • Reports with multi-currency must have a default currency selected
  • Reports with multi-currency can have one rate only

How to Copy Reports

  1. Go to Reports > Report Writer or Reports > Report Manager.
  2. Highlight a report you want to copy.
  3. Click the Copy Report The existing report opens in the Report Writer window.
  4. Give the report a new name.
  5. Make changes to the contents using any of the Report Writer Tabs you desire.
  6. Save the report from the Layout

Your report design is not saved until you click the Save button on the Layout Tab. If you design complex criteria and calculations, go to the Layout Tab regularly to save your work.

CAUTION: Before you copy a report, review the other topics in this document and study the behavior of Report Writer features. It isn't necessary to use the options on every Tab of the Report Writer window, but an understanding of how each works is essential to create a report. The Layout section is especially important.

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