How to Add Biomed Equipment Records - WebTMA 5

Path: Organization > Biomed > Records / Identity Tab

  1. Click Add on the WebTMA toolbar.
  2. Type the Control ID. This is named Tag # in other WebTMA modules. Include abbreviations that are easily recognized, such as DE-01 for a defibrillator when setting the style of your number. Numbers can be alphanumeric. The Name field provides more detailed identification for the item. *
  3. Select the Make. The information comes from the manufacturer's record (Materials > Vendor).
  4. Select Device Type.
  5. Select the Facility Name. Note: Certain items may "float" from one room to another; therefore, you are not required to select a specific room for a location.
  6. Include needed elective fields.
  7. Click the Repair Center Tab and assign repair center responsible for maintenance of the equipment.
  8. Click Save on the WebTMA toolbar to save the record.

* If your WebTMA System Administrator sets this field to use an auto-counter, the field is disabled, and WebTMA automatically populates it when the record is saved. With auto-counter turned on, WebTMA Purchase Orders for new (to WebTMA) Biomed items display the code as "AutoNumber" on PO records. Once the item arrives and is saved on the Receivings window, WebTMA automatically assigns the Control ID.

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