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About Managing Technician Training

The Manage Technician Training window is part of the optional Training module and is used to close assigned or requested training for a specific technician.

The Technician’s record can also be made inactive from this window.

The request and assigned lines are canceled independently. When assignments are canceled, the assignment is marked as closed.

Although the Class / Trainees–Open Subtab does not show canceled requests or closed assignments, you can find the information on the Class / Trainees–Closed Subtab. The final column shows the Cancel date.

The Organization > Repair Center > Technician / Training–Completed Class Tab only shows classes taken; it does not reflect canceled requests.

How to Close Training Requests

The window is used to select a technician and cancel some or all classes. These are classes requested or assigned using the optional Training module.

  1. Enter the Technician ID or name.
  2. Click the Find button adjacent to the name field, and a list of all training requests displays in the grid.
  3. (Optional) Type Cancel Reason if needed. This reason is applied to all canceled requests.
  4. Click the check boxes of all requests you want to cancel.
  5. Click the Batch Update button at the bottom of the window. A popup window indicates "Records updated successfully."
  6. Click OK on the popup.

When you cancel assigned classes, you can verify they have been cancelled on the Technician window (Organization > Repair Center > Technician / Training Tab) or the Class window (Transactions > Class / Trainees-Closed Subtab).

If the class was requested but not assigned, use the Transactions > Training > Request Training Browse window. Cancelled requests are indicated by a red icon Btn_RedBallTrainingBrowse.png.

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