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Path: Organization > Repair Centers > Shop

Use the Shop level to group technicians who share a similar Trade.

Examples of some familiar Shops are Carpentry, HVAC, Electrical, Mechanical, Grounds, and Plumbing.

This approach may differ from the way your organization uses the Shop concept. Some use Shops as a division of responsibility, not as a group of similar Trades.

For example: Assume a hospital has two Shops—General Maintenance and Plant Engineering. Each Shop includes a variety of Trades (i.e., plumbers, carpenters, electricians, etc.). This means each hospital Shop contains an electrical Trade, a carpenter Trade, a plumbing Trade, etc. instead of Trades related specifically to the function of the Shop.

Whereas, an electrical Shop in a Trade-related grouping includes all Trades related to electrical work, such as Journeyman Electrician, Apprentice Electrician, and Electrician Helper.

With careful planning, you can modify the setup to meet your needs.

Shops Identity Tab

Path: Organization > Repair Center > Shop / Identity Tab

The Shop Identity Tab is used to record the name, address, and contact information about the Shop as well as assign the Shop to Repair Centers. A popup reminds you that at least one Repair Center must be assigned.

The read-only Work Orders and Costs Tabs on this window reflect work assigned and accumulated costs related to the Shop.

How to Add a Shop Record

Path: Organization > Repair Center > Shop / Identity Tab

  1. Open the window.
  2. Click Add on the WebTMA toolbar.
  3. Assign a unique Code to help identify the Shop. Alpha-numeric characters are allowed.
  4. Type the full Name of the Shop.
  5. Complete as many of the elective fields as possible.
  6. Click the Repair Centers
  7. Select the Repair Centers to which the Shop is assigned.
  8. Click the Save button on the window.
  9. Click Save on the WebTMA toolbar.
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