mobileTMA GO v1.3.42 - mobileTMA GO for Android - v1.3.33 WebTMA GO v2.1.40

Contact TMA Technical Support at, if you have any questions.

For On-Premise Clients:

  • Paired with WebTMA v5.1.49
  • Compatible with WebTMA v5.1.47

Requires iOS 11 or later.

Special Character Usage





Summary: Mobile products automatically insert a space between & and # when entered together.


To prevent users from saving malicious HTML characters such as a combination of &#, WebTMA has a validation mechanism that adds a space between the characters that are added to text fields. When you tab out of the field in the main application, the space is inserted and a message alerts you that the character string has been updated.

In mobile applications, a space is also inserted between special characters added to large text fields; however, the mobile applications do not display a warning message.

The objective is the same – to prevent the use of malicious characters.


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