mobileTMA GO v1.3.41 - mobileTMA GO for Android v1.3.33 - WebTMA GO v2.1.39

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For On-Premise Clients:

  • Paired with WebTMA v5.1.49
  • Compatible with WebTMA v5.1.47

Requires iOS 11 or later.

Work Group Filter for Labor in WebTMA Enterprise


Path: Admin > Client Info / Preferences








Path: Organization > Repair Center > Technician / HR Tab–Payroll Info Subtab



Summary: The WebTMA System Administrator has the option to make settings that allow available Time Types to be filtered by Work Groups. This applies to mobileTMA GO, mobileTMA GO for Android, and WebTMA GO as well as the main application.


Behind the scenes, these settings restrict the Time Types available when a Technician adds Labor.

The following actions are needed to use this feature.

• The first setting is Filter Time Type by Work Group. This is done from Admin > Client Info / Preferences. Click the check box in the Advanced HR section to enable the Preference.

• Next, Work Groups types are created from Lookups > Work Groups.

• The Work Groups types are then assigned to Time Types (Lookups > Time Types / Work Groups Tab).

• Finally, on the technician’s HR record (Organization > Repair Center > Technician / HR Tab), a Work Group is assigned to eligible technicians. Look for the Work Groups field on the Payroll Info Subtab. Use this field to assign a Technician to a Work Group.

Filter Rules for Work Groups

When labor hours for a Technician associated with a Work Group are added, the Time Type follows these rules:

• Time Type does NOT default from the Repair Center

• Time Type ALWAYS filters the Time Types based on the Technician’s Work Group

• Time Type continues to respect the work / non-work Time Types in addition to the Work Group

NOTE: If a Technician is not assigned to a Work Group, his Time Type will default from the Repair Center, and the Time Type respects the work / non-work Time Types as usual.

Sample Scenarios:

• When a Work Order is linked to a labor line, the Time Type drop-down shows Time Types that are associated with the Technician’s Work Group and relate to Work Order Time (productive).


• If a Work Order is NOT linked to the labor line, Time Types will be those that are not Work Order Time (non-productive) but are associated with the Technician’s Work Group.


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