Mass Import Overview

Path: Admin > Mass Import > Dashboard

WebTMA System Administrators can use this tool to import new data into WebTMA or update existing records. If the option does not appear on your menu, see the note below.

The initial view of Dashboard / History shows Import history as a graphic summary and an Import List of previously imported data.

Select the Templates Tab on this window to see a list of Excel Templates for data that can be imported. This list will continue to grow as more templates are developed.

From the Templates Tab, download the desired Template and complete it. Once the Template is complete, go to the Create Import window to upload your data.

NOTE: The Mass Import menu options are available on the Admin menu to restrict access to administrators. When getting started, go to Admin > User Management > Records / Window Access to give your administrative user Full access to the new window. Unless a user has access, Mass Import does not display on the menu.

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