Mass Import Dashboard

MassImport_Dashboard History.png

Path: Admin > Mass Import > Dashboard

The default Dashboard view gives you an Import Summary:

  • Total imports

  • Completed imports

  • Partial imports

  • Failed imports

The Import List below the Summary shows details about the imported Templates that indicate:

  • Created items

  • Updated items

  • Errored items

  • Date imported

  • Name of user who performed the import

Color icons beside each line item give you at-a-glance information about the status.

MassImport_GreenSquare_CompletedImport.png  Successful import

MassImport_YellowSquare_PartialImport.png  Yellow icon to indicate the Mass Import was partially successful Partial import

MassImport_RedSquare_FailedImport.png  Red icon that indicates Mass Import Failed Failed import

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