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Path: Admin > Mass Import > Create Import

The first step of the import process involves selecting the type of item to be imported and selecting the Excel Template.

  1. Select the Data Type.

  2. Click the + Choose button.

  3. Select the Excel file you completed.

  4. Click the Next > button.

The Review and Import window is now visible.

Review and Import Data


The Review and Import window shows you each line to be imported and alerts you if there are problems. Each line displays buttons to indicate the status (Update, Create, and Invalid) in the second column as illustrated below.

MassImport_Status Lines.png

In this illustration, a cell in the Facility column is highlighted to illustrate it is an invalid entry. The data is case sensitive, and the highlight points out there is an error. This can be repaired from the Review and Import window. See the next topic, Selection Mode, for how this is done.

Selection Mode


The five button above the list are disabled by default. To enable them, click the first button in the sequence.

MassImport_Enter Selection Mode.png

The enabled buttons appear as follows:


Select a cell or cells in the review lines, and then you can use the buttons to perform the tasks.

NOTE: If you have a significant number or errors in the spreadsheet, it may be more efficient to return to the spreadsheet and make revisions there. Just select the X Close button to abort the import.

Import Data

No data is imported until you are assured it is valid. Once you have reviewed the data, and it is ready for import, click the Mass Import final Import button Import button.

When complete, the Import Complete page tells you that the items are successfully queued. If you have a large amount of data, be aware it can take a while before you see the results in WebTMA.






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