Enabling Custom SQL Window for Dashboards for On-Premise Installation

The custom SQL window can be enabled for on-premise client installations. This allows inserting SQL directly into dashboard controls.  For performance stability, we encourage all on-premise clients to thoroughly test any custom SQL before loading to your production instance.  Poorly written SQL could impact the speed of your application.  For security reasons, we do not allow SQL to be added to SaaS client installations.

Step 1 - Add a new section named "FeatureManagement" to the WebTMA7/appsettings.json file. New installations will have an empty section, while upgrades may need to add the entire FeatureManagement section, including the inner line:

"FeatureManagement": {"AllowCustomSQL": true}


Step 2 - Execute the script below in your database to enable the custom SQL window.

update fs_windowModuleLink
set ModuleId = 10
where WindowId = 2115
Also this one to just clear the cache and be safe.
delete from f_dataModelPropertyCache
delete from f_dataModelGridCapabilityCache


Step 3 - The Custom SQL Functionality requires the read only connection string inside the clientsetting.json. Please check to confirm the connection string is present and add if not.

Below is an example. It will need to be updated based on your database server name, database name, and database user credentials.
"ReadOnlyConnectionString": "Server=localhost;Database=WebTMA7;User Id=sa;Password=TMA123!;Encrypt=false"

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