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The WebTMA Mobile Home page gives you at-a-glance information about Tasks and posted Labor.

Tap any tile to see a list of the tasks in that category. To see all open Work Orders, tap the Open tile or the WO Tasks Mobile_WO_TasksIcon.png icon on the Taskbar at the bottom of the window.



Mobile_HomeIcon.png Use the Home icon to return to the Home page from any page you have open.

Mobile_WO_TasksIcon.png Tap the WO Tasks icon to open the Work Order Tasks window and view all open Tasks. When the icon is dimmed, it is enabled.

Mobile_TaskbarPlusIcon.png Press the Plus icon to display a drop-down to Create Work Order or Create Request


Title Bar

In addition to identifying the name of the window or the Work Order number, two icons are generally available on the Title bar:

Mobile_BackArrowOnTitleBar.png When available, the Back Arrow returns to the previous window.

Mobile_HamburgerIcon.png The Hamburger icon opens a window with access to the About window and to Log Out. It also identifies the person who is logged in to this mobile session.


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