Linked Documents Tab for WebTMA Mobile


Tap the Linked Documents  icon to do any of the following from the mobile device:

  • take photos
  • record video
  • review linked documents
  • upload graphics or documents

Note that WebTMA Mobile has a 10 MB file size limit on uploads.

Use the headings (All, Task, and WO) to view the files by category.

If you tap Task, you may find that none of the visible files are linked to the Task itself. Tap WO to see linked files attached to the Work Order record.

Attach Files


Mobile_CameraIconLinkedDocs.png Tap this icon to open the camera on your device and take a photo.

Mobile_VideoIconLinkedDocs.png This icon opens the video application on your device.

Mobile_GraphicIconLinkedDocs.png Use to locate and upload documents from your device.

Mobile_PaperclipIconLinkedDocs.png Select to attach documents to the Work Order from your device.


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