How to Add Route Authorizers - WebTMA 7

The following are all sources of possible approvers:

  • Admin or User roles from the Admin > User Management > Records window
  • Requestors granted the Allow Authorization Privilege from Admin > User Management > Preferences Tab–Privileges Section
  • Persons listed on the Department or Repair Center / Smart Route Tab

Use these instructions to select the persons who must approve requests for the specific route. If you are continuing the process of adding a new record, start with step 3.

  1. Locate the desired route.
  2. Click Edit on the WebTMA toolbar.
  3. Click the Add Authorizer link at the top of the Authorization Route grid to open the Authorization Route Entry flyout.
  4. Type the Order number. Number one (1) is the lowest level on the Authorization Route.
  5. Choose User, Department, or Repair Center. Note that only Departments or Repair Centers with at least one authorizer on the Smart Route Tab are listed.
  6. Select the User, Department, or RC name.
  7. Click the Save button on the flyout. You can use the Save & Add option to add more authorizers.

If you select Department or Repair Center, click the right arrow on the added line to open a second tier to view the Order assigned on the Smart Route Tab.

To remove Authorizer line items from the grid in Add or Edit mode, click the trash can icon and Save.


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