Search for Records - WebTMA 7

You can search for records using different methods:

  • Fast Find – Search (simple search)
  • Multi-Window Search (simple search)
  • Advanced Find Search

The Fast Find Search and Advanced Find Search options apply to the module you have open. The Multi-Window Search applies to any modules you have previously designated in Favorites as eligible for multi-window search. Typically, a Fast Find Search on the Dashboard does not return results except when a Multi-Window Search is set up.

As a reminder, the more windows you make eligible for the Multi-Window search, the longer it can take to get results.

The flyout that opens when you click Show the Search Panel on the Navigation Panel can be used to set filters for a single search or to create and save custom queries. This gives you the option to create a complex search and save it.

Both the Current Window and Multi-Window search options are simple searches based on the character string in the Fast Find – Search field. My Dashboard returns search results if you have set up Multi-Window Search.

Fast Find - Search


Look for the Fast Find - Search field at the top of the Navigation Panel. This simple search function searches a couple of fields depending on the window. Usually, the fields searched are a combination, such as Code or Number and possibly Name or Description. The Fast Find - Search field is enabled for use from any WebTMA window.

Enter a character string, and click Btn_CurrentWindowSearch.png the Current Window Search icon to search all records associated with the current module.

Click the Btn_MultiWindow.png Multi-Window Search icon to search several windows. See the Multi-Window Search topic for an explanation of Multi-Window selections. When Multi-Window Search is set up, a Fast-Find Search shows results on My Dashboard.

Advanced Find


Click the Btn_CurrentWindowSearch.png Show the Search Panel icon to open the Find flyout that is used to set criteria for a single search or select a saved search (a custom query). On the Find flyout, you can add criteria, make column changes, and group criteria.

How to Use Advanced Find

  1. Choose the Btn_CurrentWindowSearch.png Show the Search Panel icon.
  2. Select a field and parameters.
  3. Use the Add Criteria link, to select an additional field to filter your search.
  4. (Optional) Repeat to add more filter conditions.
  5. (Optional) Choose Group Criteria to use AND or OR grouping. The OR Grouping, AND Grouping, and Cancel Grouping options are only available once you have added several criteria lines.
  6. Select at least two lines and click either the OR Grouping or AND Grouping to add grouping conditions.
  7. Choose Cancel Grouping to return to the Add Criteria option.
  8. Select the Find button to see results, or go to How to Set Display Columns to set column order and widths and/or Save Query.

How to Set Display Columns

Use the Display Columns Subtab on the Find flyout to select the columns you want displayed as well as the order and width of the columns

  1. Click the Display Column Subtab.
  2. Click the Edit button and change the Width of the column.
  3. Click the check mark Btn_FindWidthSaveCheck.png at the left side of the line to save your change.
  4. Use the Up and Down arrows to revise the column sequence.
  5. (Optional) Click the Save Query button to preserve these settings for re-use. Note the Save Query As button allows you to overwrite a previously saved Query.
  6. Click the Find button to look for records that match your criteria.


Want to Know More?

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