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Path: Transactions > Time Manager > Scheduler

Use the scheduler to assign work orders to technicians or crews for both current and future work. Launch the Scheduler to open the Scheduler Criteria and Scheduler windows, assign work orders, and schedule technicians or crews. WebTMA Enterprise users can also allocate parts/tools/training.

Click the headers at the top of the unscheduled work list to sort by the column. Use the scroll bar to see all columns such as Location Type, Location Code, and Priority. The Request Date column displays local time.

A Preference setting in User Management gives you the option to use a Classic, Silverlight, or Modern graphic presentation. The default is Modern, which is the Kendo HTML5 Gantt display. This is preferable to the deprecated Silverlight. Note: The same Preference is available in Admin > Client Info / Preferences; however, the User Management > Records / Preferences setting takes precedence.

Graphic selections show number, date, and time when you move the cursor over sections on the colored bar. To change the date/time or edit allocations, double-click a graphic bar to open a popup. You can also switch between a graphic view and a list view by clicking the Switch View link on the Action Menu.

In WebTMA Enterprise, parts, tools, and training icons on line items can be edited or added by clicking the icon or the Allocate link. Complete details are found in Parts, Tools and Training for Scheduler.

How to Assign Technicians

Path: Transactions > Time Manager > Scheduler

WebTMA offers you several scheduler options to assign work orders to technicians or crews. When you follow the menu path, the Scheduler Criteria popup window opens in the foreground of the Scheduler window.

  1. Complete as many fields as needed to refine your search.
  2. Click the Save button on the Scheduler Criteria popup.
  3. Complete the required fields on the Scheduler window if you have not done so on the criteria window. These are Date, Shift, and Trade.
  4. Click a work order check box in the upper pane.
  5. Click a technician check box in the lower left pane.
  6. Click the Schedule link on the Action Menu. *
  7. Click Save on the WebTMA toolbar.

* The Scheduler reviews whether the technician is available for the scheduled date (either direct or indirect assignment). A message alerts you the shift time is exceeded; however, it does not prevent you from scheduling the technician to the selected date/time.

When the window refreshes, your assignment displays in the lower right Gantt pane. Click the new assignment block to open the Schedule Item Properties popup window.

As assignments are made, WebTMA displays the scheduled work in the Gantt pane. If you want to view the assignments in a list format, click the Switch View link on the Action Menu. The link acts as a toggle to change the view as needed. When using the Classic Scheduler Type, you can also double-click a line item to open the Schedule Item Properties popup window.

Once you click Save on the WebTMA toolbar, WebTMA displays a message asking if you want to print. If you click No in error, you can use the Print link on the Action Menu to open the Print dialog. Scheduled work orders cannot be printed until you click Save on the toolbar.

How to Schedule Item Properties

Path: Transactions > Time Manager > Scheduler

NOTE: This popup window displays when you use the Classic Scheduler Type. A similar window for the Modern Scheduler Type is read-only.

Follow the instructions in How to Assign Technicians.

  1. Click the assignment block in the Gantt pane at the lower right.
  2. Change the Start Date, Duration, and time to meet your needs.
  3. (Enterprise optional) Double-click allocation icons to edit or add lines.
  4. Click the Save button on the window.
  5. Click Save on the WebTMA toolbar.

Once saved, a prompt asks if you want to print the assigned work orders. The only work orders eligible for printing are those that have a new or updated assignment.

NOTE:  If you want to delete the assignment, click the Delete button on this window to remove it from the Gantt pane. This applies if you have not clicked Save on the toolbar.

Parts, Tools, and Training for Enterprise Scheduler

Path: Transactions > Time Manager > Scheduler

WebTMA Enterprise users also see a third column from the left that displays icons indicating required parts, tools, and training, or a link to create these requirements for the individual work order. Additions made here only affect the work order; they do not make changes to the associated Task records.

The icons that display can have different colored backgrounds that indicate different status. Click the Legend link on the Scheduler Action Menu. The Scheduler Legend popup shows the definitions.

If you want to make changes or add parts, tools, or training, click an icon in this column or click the Allocate text. This opens the Part/Tool Allocation popup window.

Click the Add Part link above the grid to add a new part or tool, or click the Pencil icon to edit a line. Use the Save button on the popup window to save your changes. These changes apply to the selected work order and do not affect the Task record.

If the parts (either stocked or one-time purchase) have been ordered, the Ordered and PO # columns reflect the quantity and order record number. These lines are view-only.

The Training Subtab on the Part/Tool Allocation window displays a list of all required training courses on the left and a list of technicians that have completed any of these courses on the right. Click a course name check box to filter the list of technicians. The filtered display shows technicians that have completed the selected course.

If the assigned technician has not completed the required course work, a warning displays that informs you that "[Technician Name] requires the following training for [Work Order #] [Task Code]" and lists all courses required for the Task.

You can also open this window from the graphic popup. Simply double-click a bar on the graphic. If icons display on the popup, double-click to open this window.

Backlog List from Scheduler

Path: Transactions> Time Manager > Scheduler

The Show Backlog Action Menu link allows you to see the current backlog of assigned work orders and to reschedule selected lines to the technician. When lines are rescheduled, the schedule date changes to the current date. Since the date changes, use caution when applying this feature to assure it does not affect your technician metrics.

For security, your WebTMA System Administrator sets the privilege to reschedule work from Admin > User Management > Records / Preferences. If the Update Backlog from Work Order Scheduler check box is marked, the user can both review and submit lines for rescheduling. Without the privilege, a user can see the list but cannot submit lines for rescheduling.

Use of the link requires that a Date, Shift, and Trade are specified. When you click the Show Backlog link and open the Backlog popup, the Tasks shown are filtered by any designated Repair Center Code, Trade, Shift, Shop, and/or Zone on the Scheduler Criteria window and the Scheduler window. The filters are applied to the Technician listed on the backlogged task.

The Backlog window is similar to the upper section of the Scheduler window, but it does not show the Allocation column. Two additional columns display on this window: Assigned Tech ID and Assigned Tech Name.

Mark the check box for desired line items, and click the Reschedule button on the Backlog window to submit the selected lines for rescheduling. The work is added to the current Gantt line for the technician. When you save the Scheduler record, the work order then shows the "scheduled" date as the current date. Previously scheduled dates are listed in the work order Tracking Window that opens when you click Tracking on the Work Order Action Menu.

Review Other Records from Scheduler

From the Scheduler window, you can open work order records and the technician's calendar in separate windows so the Scheduler window remains visible.

To see the full work order, click the Work Order number in the upper pane. This is similar to other windows in TMA with underlined text that indicates linked records. When you click the work order number, WebTMA opens the Work Order window with the selected order displayed.

The same is true for technicians listed in the lower right pane. Click the Name, and WebTMA opens the Technician Calendar window in the default Month view to show existing work orders assigned to the technician.

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