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Path: Organization > Repair Center > Records / Customer Survey Tab

Use the Customer Survey Tab to generate work performance evaluations. Surveys are applicable to the individual Repair Centers for which they are created. Completed evaluations provide feedback to management about the performance of the Technician and the quality of the work performed. The feature is optional. Use the fields and Sections on the Customer Survey Tab to set up the customer survey. Be sure to check the Enabled check box so you can use the survey.

Customer Survey Details

Work Orders eligible for a survey are selected at the interval you specify. The interval is called the Trigger Quantity, such as every 50 Work Orders. You have the option to exclude certain types of Work Orders using the WO Type Exclusion Section. For example, PM Work Orders would not need customer surveys.

The system looks to the Work Order Question or Project Sections for questions. To add questions to these Sections, edit the record and select questions from that have been set up in Organization > Lookups / Customer Survey.

The system sends an email to the address on the transaction when an eligible Work Order or Project is completed. The email includes a URL link to the survey questions. If you wish to change the WebTMA email format, you can customize the message from the Repair Center / Email Settings Tab.

In the Text Section add the body of the email the Trade/Shop/Notify email receives. Usually it is “Survey Response Received”.

The Action Menu on the Work Order and Project windows includes a Send Survey link to send an email survey for the selected Work Order or Project or to send it again. If the survey has been sent in the past, you are alerted and given the option to re-send the surveyor cancel the action. Once a survey is completed, it cannot be submitted again. If you re-send a link for a completed survey, the person who attempts to complete the survey will get an error.

If you use Range or Pass / Fail questions, you can also notify interested persons about low or failing rates.

Notification Section

Fields in the Notification Section are used with the optional Notification Level or Fail Notification columns of the question grid in the Work Order Question Section. Notifications only apply to Range or Pass/Fail style questions. Once a question is added to the grid, click the Edit icon on the line to add a level or to mark the Fail check box.

Notification Level. When Range style questions are entered in the Work Order Question Section, you have the option to ask for notices to be sent when the response is at or below a certain level. For example, if the question asks for a rating between 1 and 10, you can set the Notification Level at 3. Any time the responder ranks the question at 3 or lower, WebTMA sends an email to any of the marked or indicated email addresses, such as the Shop, the Trade, or all email addresses included in the Notify Email field. Reminder: The Value of the level is set on the Lookups > Customer Survey window for individual questions.

Fail Notification. If the answer to a Pass/Fail question equals Fail, emails are sent to any of the indicated addresses. Unless the Shop or Trade has a valid email address stored with the record, the notice is not sent.

How to Create Online Customer Surveys

Create online surveys using the Work Order Question and Project Sections. Here you can select and view the pre-defined questions you want in your survey. The individual questions are created in Organization > Lookups / Customer Survey.

On the Repair Center / Customer Survey Tab in Edit mode:

  1. Complete the fields in the General Information Section. Be sure to mark Enabled and add a Trigger Qty to indicate the frequency surveys are generated.
  2. Select Add Section in the Work Order Question or Project Section to give a title to this section of your questionnaire. The Order # indicates the sequence of these sections.
  3. Expand the new Section Description.
  4. Select the Add Question link on the secondary grid.
  5. Mark the check boxes for the desired questions on the Question Entry flyout.
  6. Choose the Add Selected button.
  7. Select Save on the WebTMA toolbar.

If you want to change the sequence of the questions, see How to Re-order Online Survey Questions. To send notices about failed or low scoring Pass/Fail or Range questions, see Notification Section for instructions.

How to Re-sort Online Survey Questions

Customer Survey questions appear in the order you select them.

If you want to change the sequence of questions:

  1. Choose Edit on the WebTMA toolbar.
  2. Select the pencil icon for the line you want to move up or down.
  3. Enter the Order # value on the Edit Question flyout.
  4. (Optional) For Pass/Fail click the Fail Notification check box or for Range questions enter a Notification Level value.
  5. Choose the Save button on the flyout.
  6. Select Save on the WebTMA toolbar.

Once the record is saved, WebTMA re-arranges the lines in the appropriate sequence.

How to Sort Online Survey Section Descriptions

Section numbers cannot be edited; however, you can toggle the sort order to either ascending or descending. In Edit mode, select the Section Description label and note the arrow that points up or down.


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