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Before a Contract is awarded, the Contracts window is used to set up general information about the Contract and to gather bids. Once a Contract is awarded, the Contract can be applied to Work Orders; however, only a few changes can be made to an awarded Contract record. The allowed changes are to the Change Orders Section to extend the length and value of the Contract and to the Ratings Section to rate Contractor performance for later analysis.

When a date is added to the Award Date field, the Contract is "locked" and can be applied to a Work Order. WebTMA tracks the costs of Work Orders assigned to the Contractor and rolls up the costs (both labor and parts) to the awarded Contract.

Information about Contracts

For costs to be attributed to the Contract, all the following conditions must be met:

  • Contractor has a valid Contract awarded for the type of work done (the Task Type)
  • Contractor has a valid Contract for the location or maintenance-worthy item worked on
  •  The Contract # field is populated in the Work Order / Identity–Task Information Section

The Track Without Cost check box applies to Contract Work Orders that are closed from the Work Order Browse window. When the Work Order is closed, Work Order Browse looks to Track Without Cost for instructions on how to handle Work Orders that have no recorded costs—hours or labor. If the box is not checked, the system automatically checks the Work Not Done box for these Work Orders when they are closed and have no recorded costs. Note that the default on the Contract window is a check mark in the box, which tells the system to leave the Work Not Done field unchanged on the Work Order window regardless of costs. This behavior only applies to Contract Work Orders closed outside the Work Order window.

Use the Contract Item Tab to link Contracts to any maintenance-worthy item including specific items and locations, such as Equipment, Facilities, Buildings, Floors, or Areas.

The Contractor record (Organization > Vendors) must have Task Types included on the Vendors / Task Types Tab, and the Contract record needs Task Types added to the Contract / Services Tab. The Task Types on both records must match. Unless the matching Task Types are included in both places, Work Order costs cannot be rolled up to the Contractor and Contract records.

Sections on the Contract / Identity Tab apply to specifics about the Contract such as details of the Agreement, Projects that apply to this Contract, other Bidders on the Contract, Contractor Ratings, applicable Change Orders, payment Terms, and miscellaneous Comments.

When Contract numbers are selected on the Work Order, the following fields are updated on the Costs Tab of both the Contractor window and the Contract window:

  • Month to Date (MTD)
  • Year to Date (YTD)
  • Life to Date (LTD)
  • Last Year
  • 2 Years Back

See Identity Tab Sections for descriptions about each section of this window.

Contract Status

You have four Status options: Open, Awarded, Released, and Closed.

An Open status is used in the planning stages. Open contracts cannot be used with other WebTMA records.

An Awarded contract is in force, and the number in the Award Amount field cannot be changed.

A contract with a Released Status indicates that the Contract was successfully completed and any retained funds can be paid to the Contractor (for internal use).

A Closed Status prevents further use of the Contract record.

How to Add Contracts

On the Contracts window:

  1. Choose Add on the WebTMA toolbar.
  2. Enter the required Contract # (an alphanumeric field).
  3. Select the Start Date of the Contract.
  4. Select the End Date of the Contract.
  5. Add as many elective fields as appropriate.
  6. Choose Save on the WebTMA toolbar.

In the Details Section, the read-only Balance field indicates the amount remaining of the total value of the Contract. The read-only Current Estimate field shows the estimated costs of all open Work Orders linked to the Contract. As Work Orders are created, the date and number display in the Last WO Date and Last WO # fields. See Identity Tab Sections for descriptions and field definitions of each Section on the Contract / Identity Tab.

How to Change Awarded Contracts

While most fields on the Contract window cannot be changed when the Contract Status is Awarded, you can use the Change Orders Section to extend the End date and Contract Amount.

In Edit mode:

  1. Expand the Change Orders Section.
  2. Select the Add Change Order l link.
  3.  Complete the fields on the Change Order Entry flyout.
  4. Choose the Save button on the flyout.
  5. Select Save on the WebTMA toolbar.

NOTE: The changes are not displayed in the General Information Section as a valid change unless you add an Approve Date to the flyout.

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