Other Contract Tabs

Work Orders Tab

The Work Orders Tab is a read-only window used to review open or closed Work Orders that pertain to the specific record. Sections on this window labeled Open Work Orders and Closed Work Orders filter the Work Orders for you.

For a quick description of the Work Order, expand a line to see details about the Task and Trade on the Work Order. Choose the Work Order number to open the Work Order record in a separate browser tab.

NOTE: Although new Work Orders created in WebTMA 7 only allow one Trade per Task, data converted from WebTMA v. 5.x may have multiple Trades for some Tasks. The following statement applies only to converted data: Any converted records display all Trades previously assigned to a Task. These are separated by a comma. The Trades are found in the Trade column on the Work Order Task grid.

Requisitions Tab

When Project Requisitions are added to a Project that is also linked to a Contract, the requisition lines display on the read-only Contract / Requisitions Tab.

Use the Contract > Identity Tab–Projects Section to link WebTMA Project records with the Contract. When Projects and Contracts are linked, this limits the selections on the Project Requisition window. If a Project is connected to a Contract and both are linked to a Work Order, users cannot delete the Project.

Attachment Tab

The Attachment Tab includes several functions in three Sections: Contact, Note, and Task. Information recorded on the Attachment Tab applies exclusively to the record for which it is created.

When an Attachment is saved, it is linked to the current record. No Attachment data can be saved without a current record. Each Attachment Contact record is separate.

The Contact Section stores the name and other contact information (address, phone, email) for anyone you need to communicate with about the record.

The Note Section is used to add reminders or other information about the record.

The Task Section is used to record personal duties or actions for the individual user. These ‘tasks’ are not related to the Task Types established in Organization > Lookups.

Cost Tab

The Cost Tab on many location and item records displays the accumulated costs, both current and historical, relating to the record. Except for the Work Order / Cost Tab, this is a read-only Tab. Charges accumulate on this window as they are incurred. The values are not dependent on posting charges.

The Year-to-Date values are for your fiscal year and are based on your Fiscal year setting in Admin > Client Info / Preferences.

Sub Assembly Tab

The Sub Assemblies Tab shows a tree list of component parts, pieces, or sites associated with a larger item. When the larger item is selected as a Parent Tag #[1] on a component part, the ‘child’ record number displays on the Sub Assemblies Tab of the ‘parent’ record. You can open a child record by selecting a link in the Hierarchy Tree.


[1]The Parent Tag # field is used if an item is a subordinate part of a whole. Select the number of the primary or parent item. The Sub-assemblies window of the major (parent) equipment shows the associated child items. Work Order costs and quantities that are associated with a child record are rolled up to the parent record.


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