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The Service Request Form window allows you to create .html pages for your organization so your users have a way to submit requests for work or materials. If desired, you can use custom fonts, colors, and font types to match your organization's design. You can also create custom controls.

When you create work request pages, you can use any of the main fields available on the Request Log window. Select the fields you want from a flyout list and then move on the Layout area to arrange as desired.

In addition to the fields, you can add images, hyperlinks, and custom inputs. As often as needed during the design process, you can review the layout in View mode with a single click on the Action Menu Preview Form link before making more changes or additions.

Your completed forms can be opened using a URL link that immediately opens the form, i.e., no login required, or as links to a login that validates TMA users.

Three Form Types are available: Menu Form, Request Form, and Material Request Form. Use Request Form to create a single window. Use Menu Form as a launching page for multiple Request Forms created previously. Use Material Request Form to insert a grid that allows users to list requested materials.

A Menu Form is a way to list several Request Forms; however, the functionality itself derives from the Request Form. The Menu Form supports the custom window you create on the Layout Tab and also accommodates options with links to URLs.

NOTE: Be sure to grant access to the Service Request window for those who create Service Request Forms. Go to Admin > User Management > Records / Window Access – Window Access Section and expand AdminForm Attributes. You have the option to grant a number of different privileges such as Read, Edit, and Full. For Requestors, scroll down and expand the Requestor line to allow Read, Edit, etc. permission.

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