WebTMA v5.1.50 Release

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PM Meter-Based Recalculation Option Added



Summary: The Next PM Meter value can be recalculated based on the meter Reading added when a PM Work Order is closed.


An elective check box labeled Meter calculation when wo complete is now available for Meter Based PMs.

Mark the check box if you want the Next PM Meter value to be recalculated based on the reading entered when the PM work order is closed.

Readings entered from either the Quick Post Meters window or when you click Post Meter Reading on the Work Order Action Menu are added to the Meter Interval to calculate the Next PM Meter.


Meter Interval = 1000 and Last PM Meter = 2000, which would normally show the Next PM Meter = 3000.

With the check box marked and the PM is done at 500, the Next PM Meter value is recalculated and automatically entered as 3500 after the work order is closed.


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