WebTMA v5.1.43 Release

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New Email Settings for Material Requests




Path: Admin > Email Settings / Material Request

Summary: A new Material Request Tab has been added to the Email Settings window.


With this new Tab, you can use the Create Reply Subtab to automatically reply to your users’ internal Material Requests.

In addition, you can specify the text and keywords used to notify the requestor when a Material Request has been converted to a Sales Order.


UI Requestor Import and Key Holders


Path: Admin > Universal Interface > UI Setup

Summary: A new Transaction Type, Requestor Import, has been added to the UI Setup window.


You now have the option to import Requestor records.

In addition, if you select the Create Key Holder column option, you can import Key Holders.


UI Purchase Requisition Export Change


Path: Admin > Universal Interface > UI Setup

Summary: A Department Code selection has been added to the Column Mapping popup.


This addition allows you to match the imported Department Code to the exported Department Code.

Previously, the Department Name was the only option for Export, and the Department Code was available for Import.

When lines are exported, WebTMA marks the read-only UI Export check box found on the Modification History popup of the related record. This popup is opened when you click the Last Modified link on the Action Menu. The UI Export field is available in the Report Writer if an export report is needed.


UI Export Flag


Path: Action Menu > Last Modified

Summary: A read-only check box has been added to the Modification History popup for WebTMA modules that relate to UI Export records. The popup opens when you click the Last Modified link on the Action Menu of the related record.


When lines are exported, WebTMA marks the read-only UI Export check box. The UI Export field is available in the Report Writer if an export report is desired.

Note that the Receivings window does not have a Last Modified Action Menu link. The On-Hand Adjustment window is used for this purpose.


Failure Code Option Change



Path: Lookups > Failure Codes

Summary: WebTMA has expanded your options to receive prompts to create Corrective Work Orders.


In any of the following circumstances, WebTMA offers a popup option to create a Corrective Work Order when a PM has failed:

•      Both Corrective WO section and Manual Corrective WO fields are empty

•      Manual Corrective WO only is checked

•      Corrective WO section only is completed

•      Manual Corrective WO check box is marked and at least one field in the Corrective WO section and is completed

If no information is provided in the Failure Code window and you click OK to create a Corrective WO, WebTMA saves a new copy of the original WO, which you can edit.

NOTE: In order to invoke the popup query to create the Corrective WO, other Work Order requirements remain the same. It must be a PM Type, a Finish or Completed Date must be added, and the Correct Failure? check box must be marked when the Task is marked from the Work Order or Quick Post windows.


Browser Signature Pads Now Use HTML5 Canvas


Path: Admin > Client Info > Preferences

Summary: WebTMA now supports signatures in browsers other than Internet Explorer.


If you use a browser to take signatures, the HTML5 Canvas mode accommodates these signatures in most browsers.

If you use IE 11+ or above, WebTMA also uses the HTML5 Canvas.

If you use older versions of IE, you will need the deprecated Silverlight plug-in.

If you use a signature hardware, such as Topaz, there is no change.


Auto-Counters Added for Asset and Equipment


Path: Admin > Client Info > Counters

Summary: An option to use Auto Counter for both Equipment and Assets is available.


Your System Administrator can enter the starting number from Client Info > Counters.

When set, the Tag number is entered automatically in Add mode for Asset or Equipment records.


Custodial Area/Template Mass Update Now Includes Flooring


Path: Transactions > Custodial > Area / Template Mass Update

Summary: A new option, Flooring, has been added to the Area / Template Mass Update window.


Previously, you had the option to make related custodial Areas Active or Inactive, Update the SqFt, and change the custodial Template in batch from this window.

You can now change the Flooring as well.


New Key Bitting Encryption


Path: Organization > Lookups> Key Bitting

Summary: The Keys module has changed the encryption method to the Advanced Encryption Standard, also known as Rijndael.


Any new bitting records you create automatically use this encryption method.

If you have existing bitting records, you can invoke the new encryption method with one click.

Go to the Lookups > Key Bitting window, and in View mode, click Re-Encrypt on the Action Menu.

This changes the encryption on all existing bitting records.


UPI Receivings Export Includes Adjustment Type Column



Path: Admin > Universal Interface > UI Setup

Summary: The Universal Interface Transaction Type field selection of UPI Receivings Export now includes the Adjustment Type in the Column Mapping popup window.


This feature is also supported in the Web Service interface where the attribute is called AdjustmentType.


wGO and mGO Zoom Indicator Change




Summary: The indicator for zoom availability has been changed. A blue mark at the end of a field now indicates you can zoom to the record shown in that field.


This change to an existing feature was prompted by suggestions at the User Conference.

The previous indicator was a small triangle at the end of the field.

You will see this new indicator on a field only when zooming is available.


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