WebTMA v5.1.47 Release

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CAFM FireFox ClickOnce Link Update




Summary: The link previously included in WebTMA for the ClickOnce add-on for CAFM has been updated.


The new link is:




iSD Request E-mail – Web Service Change




Summary: Previously, e-mail could be configured from iSD as well as WebTMA. When Material Requests was added to the Admin > E-Mail Settings window (See page 16), it created a conflict.


This has been resolved with a change to the iSD web service in the WebTMA application. The iSD-specific message has been removed. The configurable e-mail for Material Requests will now be sent.

IMPORTANT: All existing iSD clients need to ensure that the Admin > E-mail Settings / Material Request–Create Reply e-mail is configured in WebTMA to continue sending iSD confirmation e-mails.


Keys / Access Tab Grid Change


Path: Material > Key Management > Keys / Access Tab

Summary: Columns on the Keys / Access Tab have been changed to show the Lock Code and Lock Description.


Links will zoom to the Lock window instead of an area window. If a Lock is associated with a particular location, that location is displayed in the grid as in previous versions.



Key Holders Column Change


Path: Material > Key Management > Key Holders / History Tab

Summary: The Work Order # and Task columns have been moved from the Key Holders / Keys Tab to the Key Holders / History Tab.


The Keys Tab contains key quantity totals.

The History Tab includes transactional data with more detail about the Key Transaction such as the work order and task information.



MyPage QP Cost and Groups Window Access


Path: Admin> User Management > Groups / Window Access


Path: MyPage

Summary: To allow a Technician assigned to a Group to see the QP Cost column for scheduled work orders, the Group needs Edit checked on the Window Access Tab.


Previously, the system looked for Add access. This has been changed. The page has been updated to check for Edit access to the default Work Order window (simple or standard) instead of Add access.

Edit access is required because the default Work Order window is opened in Edit mode for the QP Cost link.



Custodial Route Routine Tab Color Codes



Summary: The color coding at the far right of the Tab requires recalculation.


In order to see the color codes, be sure to click the Recalculate link in Add or Edit mode.


Universal Interface (UI) Nomenclature Changes


Path: Admin > Universal Interface > Universal Interface Setup

Summary: Both the window name and several of the Transaction Types have expanded names. See page 5 for information about two new Transaction Types that have been added.


The window formerly known as UI Setup is now Universal Interface Setup.

The Transaction Types that applied to Space Management (Department Import, Building Import, Floor Import, Area Import, and Area/Department Link Import) and now identified with an SM – prefix, i.e., SM – Department Import, SM – Facility Import, etc.

Account Import is now called UFI – Account Import.

Requestor Import is now Requestor / Key Holder Import.

iRequestor Import is now Requestor User Import.


New Universal Interface Work Request Transaction Types



Path: Admin > Universal Interface > Universal Interface Setup









Summary: Two new Transaction Types can import work Requests and export Status updates for either the Request or the Work Order to which it is converted.


You can also use Work Request Import with the optional Auto Attendant module to automatically convert requests into work orders.

These new Work Request Transaction Types use the same Connection Type as other Transaction Types. These are:

•      Microsoft SQL Server

•   Tab Delimited Text File

•   Comma Delimited Text File

•   Web Service

•   Oracle (for Import only)

WR – Request Import and Image

WebTMA allows you to import one image.


WR – Request Status Export

Status can be one of the following values

•   Pending Request: The Request record in TMA has neither been accepted as a Work Order or Rejected

•   Rejected in TMA: The Request record in TMA has been rejected

•   Pending Work Order: The Request has been turned into a WebTMA Work Order and that Work Order is open, and has no explicitly set status

•   Completed: The Request has been turned into a WebTMA Work Order and that Work Order is completed

•   [Actual Status from work order]: The Request has been turned into a WebTMA Work Order and that Work Order is open, and a specific status has been explicitly set


Work Request Web Service




Summary: The web service uses JSON-formatted request and response messages to exchange data. Please note that the order of the JSON elements in request messages should match the examples below, but optional elements may be omitted.



This service method is used to generate an authentication token for use with the other service methods. The POST request must include a Content-Type header of “text/json; charset=utf-8”.

POST URL:  https://[WebTMAdomain]/webservice/RequestInterface.svc/Authenticate

  Request Format:




"Client":"abc corporation"


  Response Format:



    <Message>User Authenticated.</Message>






This service method imports work request record into WebTMA. The POST request must include a Content-Type header of “text/json; charset=utf-8” and a TMAAuth HTTP header with a valid authentication token from the Authenticate method.

POST URL:  https://[WebTMAdomain]/webservice/RequestInterface.svc/WRRequestImport


  Request Format:


{"UISetupCode":"WR- RequestImport",



"RequestDate":"2020-11-10 9:00",

"RequestorName":"John Smith",

















"test HVAC",











•   RequestDate should follow the 24hr format “yyyy-MM-dd HH:mm” in local time zone.

•   ItemType is one of the values:  0(Equipment), 1(vehicle), 2(Asset), 3 (group), 4 (Tool), 5(Entity), 6(Biomed)

•   Image1, image2, image3: in the format of Base64string


Response Format:


    "Success": true,

    "ErrorCode": "",

    "ErrorMessage": "",



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