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Auto Attendant consists of two parts: Auto Convert and Auto Schedule.

  • When Auto Convert rules are met, a Request is automatically converted to a Work Order.
  • When Auto Schedule rules are met, a Work Order is automatically scheduled to a Trade or Technician.

While a Request can be automatically converted to a Work Order and then automatically scheduled, you have the option to use either Auto-Convert or Auto-Schedule.

The rules look to settings on Relate Windows for Auto Attendant throughout the application such as Tasks, Request Log, and Repair Center. Many of the Tabs and fields on these windows are available only with the Auto Attendant module.

Related Windows for Auto Attendant

Options and fields on a number of related windows must be established before Auto Attendant rules can be applied to achieve auto-conversions or auto-schedules.

  • The Repair Center / Auto Attend Tab displays if you have the Auto Attendant module and is used to establish specific conversion rules for Requests.
  • The Admin > Auto-Schedule Rule window is used to establish the rules for automatically scheduling Work Orders. It is available only with the Auto Attend module.
  • Tasks are essential to conversion. Only Tasks marked as Available for Request Forms on the Task / Identity Tab qualify for auto-conversion.
  • The Trade window includes a WO Query field. The field names a query created from the Work Order that applies to the mobile WO Queue window.
  • The Request Log window includes a Task Code field. If the selected Task qualifies for automatic conversion, WebTMA applies any rules for the selected Repair Center.

Auto-assign Trade to All Work Orders

Quick Start for Auto Attendant

Once you have established records in the Auto-Schedule Rule Window, use this Quick Start as a guide to the steps required to set up the Auto Attendant to convert Requests.

Step 1.  Go to Organization > Task > Records / Identity Tab and mark the Available for Request Forms check box for any Tasks added to Requests that you want converted automatically. 

Step 2.  From Organization > Repair Center > Records / Auto Attend Tab, click Edit and select the Add Rule link. You can add as many rules as needed to cover situations when you want a Request converted automatically.

Step 3.  When Requests are submitted, they must include the following to qualify for automatic conversion:

  • Location or Item Number
  • Repair Center
  • Task Code (see Note below)

NOTE:  A Task that is Available for Request Forms as described above must be added to the Request, OR the rule(s) established for the Repair Center / Auto Attend Tab must have a Default Task that qualifies. If neither the Request nor the Repair Center rules have a qualifying Task Code, the Request will not be converted automatically.


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