Auto-Schedule Rule Window - WebTMA 7

The Auto-Schedule Rule window is available only with the optional Auto Attendant module. Use the window to create rules that are applied to automatically schedule Work Orders.

At least one Repair Center must be linked to a rule before it can be saved.

Auto-scheduled Work Orders can have more than one rule applied to them. The rules are sensitive to both the day of the week and the time of day.

When creating Auto-Schedule Rules, you have the option of selecting Tasks that apply to Zones. If the selected Task is marked Zone Related, do not add Technicians to the rule since Technicians are already assigned to the Zone. When you add a Zone-related Task, WebTMA automatically populates the Zone Related check box on the Task line of the rule. WebTMA only assigns a Trade to non-Zone related Work Order Tasks. See Auto-Scheduling and Zones Window for more information about Zones and Auto Schedules.

How to Add a Trade to Auto-Scheduled ZonesAuto_Schedule_Rule_window.png


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