How to Close Work Orders - WebTMA 5

Path: Transactions > Work Order > Records / Identity Tab

When all the physical work, related paperwork, and any other requirements are finished, you can mark the work order as complete.

  1. Locate the work order record.
  2. Click Edit on the toolbar.
  3. Enter a date is in the Completion Date field.
  4. Click Save on the toolbar.

The Status field will read 'Completed.' If the completion date is deleted, the designated status reverts to the previous status.

The word 'Closed' is displayed at the lower right of the Identity Tab.

Depending on the choices made by your WebTMA System Administrator, a query may pop up when you make an entry in the Completion Date field to ask if you wish to include a task sheet. If you click OK, the task sheet is included in the technician's report on corrective action taken on the Results Tab. This occurs before you save the record. You can click the Results Tab and review the list to be sure all critical or important actions have been performed before officially closing the work order.

The same prompt offers this option when you add a completion date on the Add Task popup window. This opens when you add or edit a task on the Work Order / Identity Tab.

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